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Restructing the GCSE business studies course (AQA)

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by LittleBrownBear, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. LittleBrownBear

    LittleBrownBear New commenter

    Ha - yes I think the powers that decide to change the specs so often should write all our SOW's and lessons!! then they would understand our annoyances!!

    What board are you doing?

    I am Edexcel and what I plan to do is to put all three unit specs together and then look at which topics are extended in the last unit. I will then teach all of the same topic together, for example unit 1 has cash flow as a topic. In unit 3, there is extension of cash flow, so might as well do them together.

    The CA will be done probably June/July of Year 10 to get it out of the way and plenty of time for marking it etc. Exam technique will be started on straightaway. Unit 1 is a multiple choice so that requires no exam technique and unit 3 has extended answers. Thought is that if we start extended answers straightaway with multiple choice as well, by the time they take their exams they will be fine! (that is the plan anyway)

    I do see this as an opportunity to teach in the order that suits you, your school and the students you teach and removing the resit opportunity will remove the resit culture that some students have- hopefully make them realise that they have one go and that is it. Again, that is the theory!

    Good luck

  2. Thank you for that, really useful. I am with AQA so the students will have to do two examinations and one piece of controlled assessment. I completely agree, would be great to see them at work performing revolutions to our SOW as opposed to evolution! Slightly concerned about the grades dropping but time will tell.
  3. I'm starting AQA GCSE in September. I was under the impression that the linear examination approach only actually starts for those students beginning in 2014. You can still do the course with an exam at the end of Unit 1 in Year 10 until then. The CA must be done in the year that certification takes place, i.e. Year 11, so I'm going to leave it until the end of the course.
    Correct me if I'm wrong though!!
  4. kenickie

    kenickie New commenter

    Hmm well I wouldnt go down the road of teaching the functinal areas and then trying to split them between the units when they get to the exam. This will cause you issues with CA and also may confuse the students.

    I would probably do unit 1 in year 10.... then do the CA.... then do unit 2... leaving time to revise around the Easter time.

    If you combine the two units together you will need to complete all teching before doing the CA meaning you will have to complete it around February time leaving very little safety net if a student is ill.

    It isn't really that big a change tbh, just that they take the exams at the end of year 11 (which most do anyway due to resitting)
  5. <font size="2">Glad I read this, was just in the process of mapping everything out in functions but completely see your logic.</font><font size="2"> </font><font size="2">Not sure what AQA will suggest, did anyone go to the training course?</font>
  6. We are planning to do the unit 1 of Edexcel in year 10; Controlled Assignment at the end of that year leading into start of 11, and then unit 3. However, where we concentrated in year 10 on the skills for the objective test paper as it was set in the May of that year, we will start immediately with the more developed answers for the unit 3, using the terms such as outline/discuss/explain. That way they can build up on the connectives for the unit 3 exam, reckoning that the objective test paper will not need so much input into technique. Both exams are at the end of the two years. During year 10 a combination of the different type of questions.
  7. oh Inconceivable[​IMG]
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