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Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Nushibia, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Sometimes student teachers have good ideas as well. We do learn from them too. It is good to keep an open mind towards learning and sharing.
  2. pwc9000

    pwc9000 New commenter

    People who are precious about resources really bug me.
    Why is there any question? Why wouldn't you share? (As previously stated - copyright allowing)

  3. Did they ask?
    And did they acknowledge where they came from?
  4. <font size="2">I know someone who had all the board works power points on their memory stick. The school obviously had spent loads to buy those. What should be the response here? What do you do when the department knows that the resources can be copied ( permission or no permission) ? Should they be hidden on another drive inaccessible to the trainee teachers?</font>
  5. The issue isn't trainee teachers, then, as you would face the same problem if a member of staff were to leave.
    The issue is simply copyright/licence. The school has a licence to use the materials. The HoD should make it clear to all teachers (trainee or otherwise, although, admittedly, trainee teachers "passing through" are more likely to be potential culprits) that this licence is to be taken seriously.
    Presumably the school has spent money on them because they are a worthwhile resource, which can benefit the pupils. Why, therefore, would you want to hide them from ANY teacher?
  6. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    Is that issue addressed in the national terms and conditions? If not, then the copyright resides with the author.

    (If you're going to say it's the school, isn't it really with the taxpayer? Shouldn't every resource created by every teacher in every state school be available to all?)
  7. maths126

    maths126 New commenter

    Good point, PaulDG. I think I might be trying to stretch a business model into the classroom there!

    As I said, I personally believe that sharing non-commercial resources is a Good Thing, and to be actively encouraged. Your final question is even answered by the TES Resources archive!

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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