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Resources that demonstrate / exlain the use of drama as a learning tool in primary schools.

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by GringoPeruano, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I am in "desperate" :) need of resources that demonstrate / exlain the use of drama as a learning tool in primary schools.
    (see this example of "The Media" http://youtu.be/AM5Gb83pk0c )
    I do not mean "Whole Class Drama" (Wcd), as practiced by Patrice Baldin - see http://www.fclcc.com/#!__news/vstc17=page-1 ).
    Thanks in advance. Richard (London)
  2. look up www.mantleoftheexpert.com and the articles section. Tons of stuff which is specific to this type of dramatic pedagogy but useful and is currently in practice across a wide number of primary schools in the country as the main way they explore the curriculum! Bealings school and Woodrow First in redditch are also worth looking at! Good luck.
  3. Can you explain a bit more, Richard? What do you need exactly? I teach Drama in a Primary School and, although they have a timetabled 'Drama' lesson, the subject matter is often linked to other areas of the curriculum eg Victorians, Space, Traditional Tales. (I admit I gave up on the Youtube clip as I couldn't hear it but it seemed to be a pretty normal assembly where Drama is used to put across information to a peer group.)
  4. Teaching Primary Drama by Brian Woolland is a good text (Pearson 2010)

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