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Resources/Ideas/Schemes of work for PMLD and Autistic Spectrum

Discussion in 'Music' started by asdmumandteacher, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. What age? I am a music teacher but my son (who is 8) has low funcctioning autism (he goes to special school). He LOVES music...they sing simple songs changing some of the words to their names.They have done a Lion King SoW playing percussion and singing.
  2. sorry meant to say low functioning autism (he has mental age of about 2). I could find out a little more detail from his teacher :) (he is unable to verbalise what he has done at school - he is functionally verbal but not to the point where you can have any sort of conversation with him).
  3. Thanks for that info - I like the idea of Lion King - all sorts of possibilities for movement, and cross-curricular themes too! Anything else you can find out - gratefully received! Currently teaching 3-19 year olds. The pupils on the ASD spectrum range from those who are 'pre-verbal' and/or function at the lower P levels (1-3) to those who can converse, and can actively partcipate in class activities (although you wouldn't call them 'high-functioning'). As a parent, it would be interesting to hear your views on the sort of materials you'd want your child to encounter as he moves through school - e.g. types of music / stories etc.
  4. I think call and response things are good (my son is P4/5) as it obviously helps them understand turn taking - singing one line of a melody and letting them complete then nect..If You're Happy and you know it comes to mind.I know my son loves singing 'clap your hands' etc. Days of the week songs. Counting songs - he loves counting down songs - 5 green bottles, 5 little monkeys.
  5. next... Gawd knows whats wrong with my typing tonight!
  6. A dressing up song would be good - getting them to dress up (or try to)..helping them with their personal skills (I know my son could benefit from this - even if its putting on coats and hats with a song to go with it) Cleaning teeth - daily routine songs :)

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