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Resources for teaching English abroad

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by melanissa, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    Having taught secondary school for 4 yrs, I have, for many reasons, decided to embark on teaching English abroad! I'm doing the CELTA in Madrid this August, with a view to staying on afterwards in the hope of finding a job straight away!
    Was just wondering, in the name of planning ahead and being as prepared as possible - if there are any resources I could be putting together, to have a 'bank' of stuff that would be useful for wherever I'd end up? I can't seem to find anything from my recent searching, and I'm not really sure where to look for the type of syllbui/schemes of work that would likely to be followed...I'd like to have a pack of things that I could use that I could readily be prepared with...if anyone could give me some ideas, from their experience teaching abroad, or point me in the direction of where to look...I'd be very grateful!
    Also - if anyone's got any hints/tips re working in Madrid...that'd be great too! I would love to stay on afterwards and start work straight away...but if there is anything I haven't considered in this plan of mine I don't know!
    Mel x
  2. Ah, the rules of place naming!! I'm doing my CELTA at the one on Plaza Castilla...nearly chose the first one you mentioned though. Yeah I'm aware it's not great money and quite an expensive city for accommodation etc, guess I will have to do my research a bit more into living and transport etc, thinking definitely sharing a flat though by the looks of how much it is otherwise!
    Thanks for the suggestions of places to look, I will definitely check them out. Guess the teacher in me wants to have lots of things ready like flash cards and useful things to liven up lessons, in preparation!
    Thank you for your advice :)

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