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Resources for space theme!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by pinkpebble, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Hi

    From child-initated observation we have decided to do a space theme, after Guy Fawkes. However I have not done space before. Do you know where I can cheap resources or ways of resourcing this that have worked well for you?

    Thank you,

  2. Hi

    From child-initated observation we have decided to do a space theme, after Guy Fawkes. However I have not done space before. Do you know where I can cheap resources or ways of resourcing this that have worked well for you?

    Thank you,

  3. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    This is my theme for this half term, you can get cheap resources from early learning centre or depending on what yr doing. Were doing a week on whatever next, so building rockets out of 3D shapes, making moon landscapes using vareity of media etc... our tuff spot is a moon landscape, wrap pebbles and other bits in foil, or other materials....... do a goggle for space activities or books related and you should get loads of bits.

    Explore light and dark, reflective materials, twinkling stars, planets etc.... check what resources yr school has for science
  4. Great thanks cinderella,

    Does ELC have small world space men or space suits? Was thinking for role play.

    Great ideas, think it will be really exciting, just trying to gather resources!

  5. Hi

    We covered space (child initiated from obs) just before half term.The kids loved it! I loved it! If im honest i thought ELC was a bit of a rip off. They sell a pack of 3 small astronauts and a rocket for 20 quid and there spacesuits were 20 quid.i couldnt afford that!!!!

    We made a dark space area with a fairy net light on the cieling for the stars. We had fun outside with loads of big sheets of black paper and splatterd white paint all over with toothbrushes to look like the stars in spce. We covered the walls in the space area with this so it was totally covered.looked really effctive. (actually in space now!!)put black crepe paper streamers from ceiling to boarder off the area and used one of those silevr lametta shimmer curtains for children to walk through to enetr space.(bit stars in their eyes, but they loved it)

    Coverd builders hats in foil and made visors for the front -space helemts. For spacesuits i bought some of those all in one boiler/paint suits about £3 each from DIY shop.huge for children but they looked like true spacemen. Also painted some old wellies gold for moon boots.

    We made a huge rocket out of boxes which children could actually go in. Hilarious hearing a little voice from inside counting down to blast off!

    Tuff spot tray- covered base in foil then added large pebbles, blue sand, a little tray of green water, space shuttle and just some ordinary lego/playmobil people.kids really liked exploring all the areas to theis planet. Could use gravel for surface of moon

    The next week we changed the tuff spot to another 'planet'. we had done some orange and red marbling. so used the work from that to cover the bottom of tuffspot etc. this was a 'hot' planet!

    We made our own alien masks too.

    Sorry to have gone on a bit-but was a really exciting topic. Enjoy it and remember dont need to spend loads of money just adapt what youve got.

    Oh yeah! one last thing. i did actually buy some tubs of cheap hair gel. (tesco value aboout 23p each) emptied a few tubs of this into a tray and spirnkled in some star confetti stuff. the children had to 'rescue the stars from the moon swamp' using tweezers.this was brilliant.good for fine motor skills.

    Have fun
  6. I'm also covering the space theme next week. Fantastic ideas! Thanks for passing them on.
  7. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

  8. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    I know this is a very old thread but wondered if anyone else had any great ideas for the space theme? maybe something you have tried and worked really well? I am with Nursery. It is half term now, so i have made a big dark 'Space' area for the children to role play in and investiagte on their return. We are going to make a large rocket from boxes, glue and foil etc in the first few days for the children to 'walk into' to get to space.
    I have also just been to grumpy- WOW!!! Got loads of large cardboard cotton reels which will make fab rockets! We are going to focus on exploring how we would get to space first, so rockets and spaceships (also got bbig plasic circlular bowls and circular foam shapes from grumpy) for flying saucers/spaceships. I am getting ever so giddy about this topic, that i can not actually pin down definate ideas!!

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