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Resources for Rwanda- can you please help?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by beagle22, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. In 3 weeks time I am visiting a primary school in Shyira, Rwanda that was badly affected by the genocide, with the intention of building a partnership with my school. I have been able to e-mail a teacher there and she told me that they have recently had to change from teaching in French to English but without any resources- I can only imagine how difficult this would be.
    I was wondering if anyone had any old "teacher" manuals or books that you could donate? Particulalry english, maths and science. It doesn't matter how old or out of date they are I know they will be gratefully received. There is a group of us travelling and we have quite a generous luggage allowance.
    If you are able to help my address is:
    Ann Dickinson, St Luke's Primary School, Formby, Liverpool L37 2HW
    Thank you
  2. Would it help to print out some alphabetic code charts for their use?
    If you can do some printing and then take stuff over, I can provide you with some phonics resources.
    If you are interested, please email me at debbie@phonicsinternational.com .
  3. Oops - for the alphabetic code charts, see unit 1 at www.phonicsinternational.com .
    I know that these and some more of my phonics resources have been used successfully in Mumbai, India, for street children receiving some education via schooling on buses.
  4. I am so gratfeful for your help. I think these resources could be exceedingly useful in Rwanda.
    I shall certainly print them out and take them over with me.
    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply.

  5. Ann - if you email me at the address above, I can send you a link for my Early Years Starter Package which is a programme within a programme. It will be more complete than what you can access via the PI homepage.

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