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Resources for Edexcel GCSE ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by BottleB, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    My school are starting the new Edexcel ICT GCSE after years of OCR nationals. I was wondering where can I find resources for the Edexcel GCSE?

  2. Hi There,
    We have a series of free resources for the course that can be downloaded from the GCSE Toolkit pages.
    On the same site you can also access all the relevant documents you need including exemplar work and sample assessment materials.
    There are also some Pearson resources in the form of a student book and an Active Teach teacher resource.
    My role is to support the delivery of all our IT qualifications so please feel free to send any questions about the delivery of the course to me directly. You can contact me on ICTSubjectAdvisor@edexcelexperts.co.uk. If you email your school details I will ask my colleague to forward a copy of the Teachers Toolkit and it will also sign you up for my email updates which will keep you up to date on course info.
  3. Thanks for your message Gareth, We already have the GCSE Toolkit but look to getting some resources together ready for next year. There is a problem with a link on the website "see an overview of the specification here" as the link is not working.

    Any chance you could mail it to me?

  4. Thanks Gareth,

    Already had it though.

    Thanks anyway.
  5. We ordered the CD-ROM full of teachers lesson plans, sow etc. Its a start but will need to be customised to our students.
  6. ~Hey there,

    Is the CD rom any good? Are the resources and SOW any good?

    Also how much did the CDrom cost the school?
  7. CD-ROM costs £500. The SoW and Lesson Plans are linked to the Student book, which we are also getting copies of. At the moment they look ok, only time will tell, as in when we actually teach it. We are in the middle of customising them for our students.The one thing I did struggle with was these pesky 'Skills Builders' basically Unit 2 skills for the CAB, once I got my head around that bit was ok.
  8. Hi,
    Is anyone doing the Double Award GCSE with 3 lessons per week spread over two years.

    If so, I would appreciate some advice on your plans.

  9. You are going to seriously struggle to get it done in that time. We are doing 2hrs a week over two years for the single award and that is extrememly tight...
  10. we have bought the CDROM but are not sure how to teach it over the 2 years. We have 3 lessons of 50 mins each week. We are only doing the single award though.
    How are you all teaching it? When are you putting the kids through the exam and when are you tackling the CAB?
    I'm getting very confused when we are supposed to do these things!
  11. Anybody now teaching year 11's? Please let me know where you are up to. I know its new but do we have any materials to bench mark the CABs against ie sample material relevant to the current 2010/2012 cohort??!!
  12. Silly me, just been on the Edexcel website and theres some stuff to down load, however when I have tried to extract the zip folder it asks for a passcode, does anyone know what that is?? I dont mean the username and password code you have to access the material but the actual code to extract the contents of the zip folder. Thanks[​IMG]
  13. That sounds odd. I've never some across resources that require any more than your Edexcel user/login ? Maybe send a message via the site.
  14. Does anyone know when the resources are going to be released for Teaching Blocks 4 / 5 and Skills Blocks 3 / 4?
  15. Hi both, not sure about needing an additional password - this shouldnt be there.
    If you send me the link I'll get it fixed.
    The current Unit 1/2 TBs and SBs are designed as a starting point for schools that didn't purchase the student book and active teach resource.
    The idea was to provide as much content as we could and you can fill in the gaps where you need extra.
    We wanted to get as much as possible included but I'm afraid focus has moved to the double award where there is no student book or teacher resource.

    It is something we hope to develop further soon but I don't think it will be soon enough to support your delivery from September.
    Any questions you can contact me directly on ICTSubjectAdvisor@edexcelexperts.co.uk
  16. Hi,
    Did you ever get a definitive answer of how you can deliver the single award over 3 lessons of 50 mins each week?

    Apologies, but I've recently been switched to teach the Edexcel GCSE ICT course from my HOD (he is not an ICT teacher and does not have the skills to deliver any part of the course), the responsibility has therefore, landed at my doorstep! So, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to perhaps point me in the right direction please?

    Do you have a SOW?
    Do you have lesson Plans?
    How long to teach skill building?
    When to start the CAB?
    When to start revision for the exam?
    When to put the students through the exam?

    Take care and thank you in advance.


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