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resources - curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Discussion in 'English' started by sezzie may, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. EAN


    Can anyone who has 'borrowed' the Scheme of Work from Greenfinch or Greenfinch herself if she isn't too bored of emailing it, send the SoW to me please!!!

    email address: anthony.easton@brighton-hove.gov.uk

    Hope everyone's first few days have been good.
  2. Hi, sure you're bored of sending it out but could I grab a copy too please Greenfinch? Thanks

  3. Hi Greenfinch

    Bet you thought the requests had stopped!! Please could you send me a copy when you get a minute.
  4. Greenwich,
    Could I also have a packet? I feel like a begger along with all the others, but it would be lovely. Thanks so much. Maggie
  5. I'm new to this, so I see now that I need to give you my email address: nickerme@hotmail.com thanks.
  6. Dear all,

    I have sent all those who have recently requested them, copies of the resources. I have to admit I hadn't expected that there would be so many requests but I hope you all find the resources of some use. You could also look at the NATE pack for the novel this is excellent and worth investing in.

  7. Thanks Greenfinch - you're a star!
  8. Thanks Greenfinch!
  9. Hi Greenfinch
    Could I please have a copy too? It would be a brilliant help! My email is: maryrose_twinkle@yahoo.co.uk

    Sincere thanks
    Mary Rose
  10. Hi Greenfinch,

    I'd be really grateful if you can mail me your 'Curious Incident...' SoW.

    Hope you can help, Steve
  11. Hi Greenfinch,

    I'd be really grateful if you can mail me your 'Curious Incident...' SoW.

    Hope you can help, Steve

    my email is: payattention@hotmail.co.uk

  12. Greenfinch, I am so sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but can you please email the Curious Dog SOW to 'stuartlunt@hotmail.com'? Muchas gracias. And sorry, again!
  13. Could you please send me a copy too? I am going to teach an autistic student and it would be helpful.

  14. Have sent you all email.
  15. roa182

    roa182 New commenter

  16. Dodros

    Dodros Star commenter

    I've just chanced upon an American site with a webquest and the detailed plan of a teaching unit on Mark Haddon's story. I'll post the address here if sufficient interest is expressed.
  17. hi Greenfinch,

    Sorry to bother you but please could you email me a copy of 'curious' scheme/resources too? Thank you

  18. Hi Greenfinch!
    Would you please just send the curious incident scheme of work one last time? Pretty pleasexx
  19. One last request? I have 3 16 yr olds doing it for personal study (Scotland Intermediate1/2 NAB).

    Year 8 level sounds just about right for them!! If you could pleeeeeeeeease let me have a copy...


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