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Resources and industry engagement

Discussion in 'Geography' started by desjfi, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. desjfi

    desjfi New commenter

    Hello All, I have recently moved from teaching into a role with the Environment Agency. We are very keen to share information and resources with teachers and I want to ask for your experiences and suggestions:

    Do any of you use the resources available on the Geographical Association website? If not why not? If so are they useful?

    Do you want/need resources made available about coastal and river management and flooding and what would help you: full lessons, activity resources, fact sheets, case studies, people visiting your classroom or facilitating field work?

    Where would you like them posted?

    Is there more need for GCSE or A-level (or both).

    Thank you for any replies and please be as brutally honest as you can be.
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  2. neilmhart

    neilmhart New commenter

    In my opinion having outside speakers or classroom visitors would be the most useful. Especially if they were able to bring interactive tools.

    The students always find a change in personnel in front of them memorable and interesting. It raises the profile of geography amongst the students as they realise that people from outside the school consider it important.

    I find that whole lessons provided don't fit well into the SoW and I never deliver them well as the students can spot that it is not my lesson or style of teaching and it all just feels a bit unnatural. This barrier is removed if delivered by an external source. Even if that was over Skype to start them off a I facilitated it as a teacher once they got going.

    Many thanks for the resources that you do make available and would love to work with you in the future.

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