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Resource to support those struggling with emotions??

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Sleepyone, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Hi there
    I hope it's ok to post this on here.
    I was wondering whether anyone knew of a good resource that could be used in primary school to facilitate talking about emotions? I'm thinking about ch at school who are from forces families, CiPC, or vulnerable who may (at times) need support in talking about how they feel without having someone asking them directly - if that makes sense? I have 'visions' of a set of cards whereby one is chosen and is the trigger for discussions which may, or may not, digress into other issues. Basically I'm wanting to up the level of the pastoral care we provide, using the pupil premium, without pinpointing ch and saying "so how do you feel about your dad being in Libya, or so what's it like at home now your parents have separated?"
    Is there any such thing out there or am I talking utter gibberish (which is highly likely).
    King regards to all
    Mands x
  2. Hi
    Many thanks for your reply - those resources look great, but they're not quite what I'm after. I'm in mainstream and I'm wanting to instigate discussion around feelings for those that may be 'bottling' things up and those children who don't 'wear their hearts on their sleeves'.
    Regards x
  3. amt


    SEAL resources are excellent, they can still be found on the national strategies website, small group work and the photographs are all good. Incentive plus catalogue, has lots of good resources, feeling cards, I like the blob people! Circle time resources are also worth looking at. Puppets are great whatever age, and for all children.
  4. Riv

    Riv New commenter

  5. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    SEAL materials are really good. There are materials for whole class activities and the silver set are for small groups.
    You could also try using a story as a stimulus to talking about feelings. If you search on the strategies site in the SEAl section,somewhere there is a list of story books recommended for each unit.

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