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Resource Feedback

Discussion in 'Geography' started by humanitiesbox, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. humanitiesbox

    humanitiesbox New commenter

    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering whether there are any other Geography teachers out there who would like to help me out with a resource that I have recently created. I have spent some time putting together a 133-page Geographical Skills Workbooklet which covers 24 different skills. Each skill has a detailed explanation with examples, as well as hundreds of questions and activities which refer to maps and sources. All answers are included. The resource can be found here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/geographical-skills-workbooklet-11748163 and there is also a link to a free chapter.

    What I would like to ask is whether anyone would be interested in giving me some feedback on this resource? I think it is pretty great and there are hours of work for students within the booklet. If there is anyone who would be willing to trial the booklet with their students and then give me some feedback, I would be very grateful. Simply send me a message and I will be happy to send the file your way in return for some constructive feedback. Thanks!

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