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Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by jobramm, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. jobramm

    jobramm New commenter


    Has the resourcd site gone down, i haven't been able to access it for a few days?

  2. num3bers

    num3bers Occasional commenter

    Its been down for a while - several weeks now. I don't know what has happened. Seems to have been discontinued. I havent heard anything about that though.
  3. Neil M.

    Neil M. New commenter

    Tried to access the Resourcd site today but it is still down - has it morphed into another site or been subsumed by a larger organisation?
  4. jodyfdb

    jodyfdb New commenter

    If anyone knows where is a good place to look for psychology resources now that Resourcd seems to be defunct that would be fabulous.
    tinalouisegriffiths likes this.
  5. Domj122

    Domj122 New commenter

    Resourcd was fantastic, shame it closed down.
  6. mephestic

    mephestic New commenter

    We're using Learndojo at the moment for my GCSE psychology students.

    Here's a link to their page, really good site and all free: https://learndojo.org/gcse/aqa-psychology/

    They have an A-level section but it's still under development.
  7. flippingteacher

    flippingteacher New commenter

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