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Resit final placement

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by marybon, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. marybon

    marybon New commenter

    I am repeating my final 8wk block placement in Sept 2011 as well. My uni said I don't have to pay for it but I am not sure there will be any funding.
    Also my university said I should talk with my present school or any other school for a placement because it might take a while before they find me one.
  2. It depends on your uni if you have to pay for a resit, but generally you do, as they incur extra cost in paying the school to have you, for tutor visits and possible external moderation.
    As for funding, you should get a letter from your uni for exemption from council tax during those weeks, and you can apply to Student Finance for further grant and loans, on a pro-rata basis. Just complete the form for continuing students (PR1). Normally they undertake to support you for the full duration of the original course, plus up to a further year where necessary.
  3. Hi - thanks for your response. I have been in my school for 10 weeks in total now and to be honest I don't want to return once this placement is complete. I have not liked the way the school have treated me, One of the other students in my class has been placed at the same school and since been offered a job - he has had the a rolls royce level of support shadowing a teacher who is training to be a mentor and is outstanding in terms of QTS standards. Meanwhile I am with a teacher who has a by the seat of his pants attitude to lesson planning and who when assessed on gets "satisfactory"
  4. thanks for the advice Alex.
  5. Hi,
    I had to resit my final 6 week placement in the spring term. I had some severe support issues from my class teacher in my placement the first time round (Jan/Feb 2010) which led to me failing. The university didnt find me this placement on time and I had a reduced amount of time. I went through a complaints procedure with the uni because of these support issues I had.
    I didnt pass my resit placement this academic year either and so I am just graduating with a degree in Education rather than Education with QTS.
  6. You will need to contact your university about the exact arrangements as they do differ from provider to provider. You may well have to pay some fees (usually reduced) for the resit. You should contact the uni for advice on sources of funding - there may be some university funds such as hardship funds - normally means tested and you should also see about exemptions (e.,g. council tax).
  7. Hi - thanks for your response. I am doing a PGCE. I had my last day of placement this week. I already knew from my mid-placement report that I would have to resit. I have since received my end of placment report and the school have put my skills at the level of a beginner teacher which suggests that I would have to resit 2 of my placements in order to catch up and I don't even know whether this is possible. Perhaps you could work in a school as a TA gain some more experience and then apply for a PGCE. I think I did not have sufficient school based experience to be doing a PGCE I think it is a course geared towards those who have several year's experience in teaching perhaps TA's or HLTAs. What are your plans?
  8. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    You should really use the careers service/student support at your university to discuss this in detail. In particular you should explore alternatives. There is a huge difference between an extension of a placement and the recommendation to resit 2 placements. You should also be aware that the funding may limit your future options and you need to be realistic about the possibilities of gaining employment afterwards in a very competitive market.
  9. Dear Welshwizard
    thanks for this advice. I have emailed careers today. How will re-sitting two placements affect my funding and limit future options could you explain further please, thanks.
  10. Hi
    Try not to second guess what is going to happen. Normally a resit would be one placement, not two - a resit of two would be very unusual. Do contact your university tutor and discuss the fail. the procedures and what happens with a resit.
  11. I am in a similar situation, and although I'm sure it does vary from uni to uni... I have been told that I will not have to pay any extra, as they see it as just resitting a module, the same as if you would have needed to resubmit a written assignment.

    However, I was also told there was no funding for me available - meaning I would have to work extra hard over summer in order to pay rent up until I hopefully get a job in January.

    Good luck :)
  12. tictactoe1

    tictactoe1 New commenter

    I completely agree.
    I am also resitting a placement before I gain QTS. I was at a wonderful school who supported me as much as humanly possible. I just did not feel ready to be an NQT. I was planning on rushing through my placement this Autumn, under the assumption that I would graduate and fall into a job by Christmas. It turns out it's not that easy. If you resit your placement and you fail again it's over.
    If the school is suggesting you resit two placements you really need to think about your options, you don't want to risk failing your resit.
    In the end I decided to take a year out. I got a job for the next year as an SNA in an outstanding school, part time. Massive pay cut but the school is perfect to observe outstanding practice and will allow me to continue my professional development outside my paid hours (basically not only have I got a job, but a year long placement - haha).. The things we do for teaching..


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