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Resistant Material misconceptions

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by chrisfenton7, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. chrisfenton7

    chrisfenton7 New commenter

    Hi Folks,

    I am about to start an essay and presentation for my GTP course at Newman and have to talk about the common misconceptions of my subject.

    I have read through and there have been a few on Textiles and Food but not many on RM or Engineering.

    Any ideas would be great.

  2. foxbat

    foxbat New commenter

    They, (whoever they, are) should alter the name. Resistant Materials is confusing for most of my students. Many had been happy doing design & technology in year 9, come options evening (and yes I had told them the GCSE was called RMT) many students and their parents didn't know what RMT was and therefore didn't opt for it. Textiles/food/art/science etc etc yes. RMT?No!
  3. Misconceptions of RM:

    It's all practical work, no need to do written work.
    You don't need to draw to do RM (GCSE anyway)
    It's an excellent subject to 'dump' lots of poorly behaved boys into.
    It's the easiest GCSE in DT.
    It's just for boys.

    All absolute rubbish.
  4. Its a 'boys' subject (being a female RM teacher I often get 'interviewed' by parents on Parents eve to check I'm good enough to teach their son). Girls at my school even tell me they cannot do it because they are not a boy!
    It all Craft. No designing, creativity, etc involved.
    I agree about the name! In a straw poll for GCSE, the amount of kids that told me they wanted to pick 'woodwork' was unbelieveable, and we call it RM from year 7 so they get use to the name!
    They can build the set, sceneary, etc for the school play (when do we have time?!)
    Intelligent children should take Product Design not ResMat as their GCSE option! (we offer both)
    Its about assembling pieces together and banging bits of wood together.
    I'm sure there is more I could think of given time!

  5. Andy Mitchell

    Andy Mitchell New commenter

    Its an interesting topic Chris and worthy of consideration. We have all been at teh receiving end of this. There are many misconceptions about the subject design and technology not just the GCSE specifications that meet the Subject Criteria which is another matter. Also, who are referring to? Pupils, parents or teachers? I would argue that many in each of these groups suffer from misconceptions about what the subject contributes to a young persons education. One point you might want to make to explain this is that (apart from citizenship) D&T is still the youngest subject on the curriculum. The first design and technology national curriculum order was only published in 1989. And there are many differences between this and what went before eg CDT and home economics. So perhaps it is not quite so surprising. However, what is worrying is that in some schools, perhaps things have yet to change as much as they should have. I know from working with teachers over the past three years how much of the the new secondary curriculum remains to be implemented in schools let alone just the D&T requirements. I am sure you are very familiar with the importance statement and also the key processes and key concepts. Together these provide a good description of what the subject should be about. Ask yourself how well this is reflected in the department you are working in and others you may be familiar with.
    GCSE titles: - I also agree with others: Resistant Materials as a GCSE title confuses many and I have always disliked it. Same applies to Graphic Products. Talk to practising designers and I think you will find they agree. Product design as a title works much better for me.

    In answer to Foxbat, "They" are QCDA and Ofqual.

    Good luck.
  6. Hi Chris, I am just about to start my first assignment for my GTP course, i was wondering if you were able to find any miconceptions in the resistant materials field (one's that i could quote, rather than coming from other teachers?)
    Any help would be apprecaited
  7. D&T is still the youngest subject on the curriculum. The first design and technology national curriculum order was only published in 1989. And there are many differences between this and what went before

    I too come from a position where I've been able to see what went on across schools over a long period. The subject title matters little (although it tells you something that the word 'craft' was considered too plebian to use). A lot of what went on (more inportant) before was far superior to what followed. Subject support and development was often good during the mid to late 80's .... post 89' the advisers went off to become inspectors. Areas of the subject were resourced and developed before the NC laid waste to it all. Countless meetings and course were run to support the NC that wthin a short time were a complete waste as everything changed. Yes ....... we began life with 17AT's and a mass of ******** that could only have been designed by idiots.
    It maddens me that were were led by people who knew little, pandered to a party line and too many of us swallowed it. As a rule of thumb ........ if someone hasn't taught it for 10 years and still actively does so to some degree ...... treat with a pinch of salt what they spout!

  8. Resistant materials is just about wood. No mention of metals and plastics etc.
    Laugh at food tech being classed as compliant material. Some of what the students cook is not very compliant !

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