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Resigning without a job to go to.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by big pointy stick, May 6, 2008.

  1. The positive messages have made me feel so much better! Just handed in my notice. My child starts reception in Sept and there was no way I could do the induction (two weeks of half days) and settle them in whilst being in my teaching post. Everybody else I know who asked for part time has been demoted so I have resigned in the hope that by Oct/Nov half-term when she is settled in school I will look for another teaching post and if one does not come up I will do something else. There is life outside of teaching you know!
  2. k1e


    It's a great idea. It worked for me in 2007. I had finally had enough so left and went on supply. Had great fun for a year, approached schools myself as well as some agency work, and ended up working full time in only 5 really lovely schools.
    Got recommended to my current head last year and went to cover a class for a half term which extended to a year. Am now permanent and definitely staying for the forseeable future - it's a lovely school! What a difference!!!!!
    So if you have had as much as you can take it can work - you just have to do a lot of legwork at the beginning. Good Luck whatever you decide.

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