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Resigning TLR

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Bmackender, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. drek

    drek Star commenter

    You are overworked and exhausted. Focus only on what is achievable.....as many would say.
    But since this lies entirely in the hands of your line managers....it’s also very difficult to control. As your discussion with your own line ‘manager’ proved. It is likely they are passing on their jobs onto you.....how would you know any better since they are all up in the air as it is....hence the derisive attitude.....to guilt you into not taking it further.
    You need to think long term. For that you need your health both mental and physical. Try prioritising the job(s) as much as possible.
    If they start to huff and puff in that understanding way they have (not), do only the bits they need evidence about first, and then your own prioritised tasklist.
    In the meantime you are getting advice from the union..... that hopefully will allow you to think about what the best course of action for you should be.
    Because no one else in our crazy system will......

    At my school there were job cuts so lots of jobs became 2 for the price of one! Many experienced teachers left. Too many inexperienced or newly trained staff joined.
    At the same time lots of new systems and policies were introduced.
    New data entry systems which are still being ironed out and new online monitoring systems were also introduced......... the result?
    Quite easy to predict........unless you are part of the team introducing these new things all at the same time and also changing it ad hoc on a weekly basis.
    everyone is overstretched and exhausted. Even the usually ‘good’ students are steadily declining in behaviour as they think it’s unfair that the students who are disrupting their lessons seem to be having the most ‘fun’ lessons as a first response to no support for being repeatedly highly disruptive other than lots of ‘chats’.
    TLRs having to do twice as much as the year before. They have lost all their admin support from last year in one fell blow.
    What has this meant? Behaviour steadily getting worse. Workload increasing exponentially for everyone. Teachers having to struggle on teaching large groups with 5 or 6 high level disruptees left in lesson hour after hour.
    They need to put the brakes on before it’s too late and they lose even the few experienced staff still hanging on in there.
    Or else after that it will be special measures and no new staff wanting to join under those circumstances!
    Then bye bye qualified teachers.....hello to anyone who thinks they can......

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