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Resigning tlr

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Hazcarp1985, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Hazcarp1985

    Hazcarp1985 New commenter

    I am currently on mat leave planning on returning around Easter. I have a tlr responsibility but when I return I no longer want that position. When do I need to let the head know? Now? What do I include in a resignation letter? Thanks
  2. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    You need to be careful. Is there someone else who is capable of, and willing to, take on the TLR? If not then you could find yourself without a job.
  3. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    You cannot simply resign a TLR and go back to being a class teacher. The TLR is part of your job, you can't resign part of your job and decide unilaterally that you are going to do a different job in school. Legally all you can do is resign the whole job and leave the school.

    You can stop doing the TLR if the head agrees so you need to discuss with the head and see what's possible. As wanet says you could risk being made redundant if there is no class teacher vacancy at the moment.
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  4. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    To my knowledge, if you are say, Head of Geography... you can't just resign back down to a Geography teacher. You are employed as Head of Geography. Your Head will need a new Head of Geography so is the department down a teacher? In which case you could swap into that role.

    Now saying that I know two Heads of Dept. who did resign their TLR and became classroom teachers again so it isn't impossible.
  5. JaquesJaquesLiverot

    JaquesJaquesLiverot Established commenter

    Does it depend on whether you were appointed with the TLR in the first place, or had it added after you'd started? I seem to remember hearing of someone in the latter position who resigned their additional responsibility.
  6. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    It doesn't make any difference.
  7. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    Rott Weiler is correct. What you need to do is approach the Head as soon as possible to ask if you can step down. Depending on the role, there may well be able to somebody willing and able to take it on, especially if a permanent employee is doing the job while you are on maternity leave. Unfortunately, if there is nobody suitable and they need to recruit outside, that would leave the school overstaffed, which is why it may not be possible. All you can do is ask.
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  8. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    The advice above is, unfortunately for you, @Hazcarp1985 , the correct advice.

    A TLR is part of the established staffing structure of the school, just as much as is, say, the role of Head or Deputy Head.

    Just as you cannot say(to the disappointment of many posters) I think I should be given a TLR for all the responsibility that I have, then equally you cannot just say I don't want my TLR any more.

    The Headship is the same as a TLR. You cannot imagine the Head saying I would like to be a teacher of Classics instead of Head.

    Because that would mean over-staffing in Classics. Unless . . .

    Unless - and this applies to you now. Unless in your school there is someone who would like to take on the TLR, and is considered an appropriate person to do so by the Head. Or unless someone is leaving, or there is a huge increase in demand for your subject, so the school is going to advertise. In that case they could advertise With TLR for a suitable candidate, and if thaere was indeed a suitable candidate for the TLR, then you could give it up and become an ordinary teacher again.

    Disappointing for you to hear this, as it was not at all what you were expecting to hear. I'm sorry about that.

    But I send you my best wishes for the remainder of your maternity leave. Enjoy the time with the new baby!

  9. DYNAMO67

    DYNAMO67 Lead commenter

    When I saw this earlier I knew you would be disappointed. You need to raise the issue early doors. If there is someone interested then you may be ok. If not, then you have to decide whether you want to stay. You seem surprisingly misinformed to think you can simply resign your job and automatically take on a new role unilaterally..
  10. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Just to emphasise something that Theo said - the person who might want to take over the TLR might not suit the headteacher! So (and this is for anyone reading this who might be in a similar situation), never assume that just because person X - the other person in a two person dept, for example - fancies the TLR, they would be acceptable to the head. The head might not think they are suitable and might tell you that you either continue doing the job - or resign.
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