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Resigning now??

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by sophieu, May 22, 2011.

  1. I'm really happy at my school but the opportunity for promotion is limited. I've worked there 4 years and been in he same year group or the last 3. I've only ever worked in ks2 and feel if I'm going to climb the ladder before I get too expensive I need to gain more experience and make myself desirable to employers I need to move. Anyway on Friday I was asked to apply for my perfect job but I'm well aware it's so close to the resignation deadline. My school have sorted staffing out for next year and I'd be dropping them in it. I'm really worried about my head's reaction as it basically leaves them with no option than employing an Nqt. What to do??
  2. Do what's best for you. Don't worry about the school. They will always sort it out and, to be blunt, get over you. So put you and your career first.
  3. Think about yourself.
    If you are pretty confident you will be offered the perfect job then surely you MUST apply for it. OK it may cause your HT operational issues, BUT it is their job to deal with them and the closing dates for resignations has not yet passed, so they are aware thet they could have a later resignation- you have been loyal staying for four years - recognise that you are getting expensive with limited career development options in your current role - don't you think your HT is aware of this also and should only want the best for you and be grateful they have held on to you for htis long?
    Alternatively sit tight, regreat not even bothering to apply
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Apply without a second thought. If your school has made arrangements for next year before the resignation deadline, then they have done so in the knowledge things might have to change. You are not dropping them in it at all, it is the way schools work.

    Get on and write a fabulous application...your school will support your development. And if they don't then you are better off out of there anyway.

    Make sure the moment you send the application, you do let your HT know though.
  5. Go for it and apply. Your only obligation is to fulfill your contract of employment, nothing more.
    I am in the process of retiring from my fifteenth job. One often feels one is indispensible but it is rarely the case. Your exit will give the opportunity for the management to be a little creative if they wish. In my case they have replaced me with someone at a much lower salary and, if I'm honest, probably a better bet in the long term.

    Best of luck with the application.

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