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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Emholloway, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Emholloway

    Emholloway New commenter

    I'm wanting to leave my job as I am moving. Likely to complete at the end of Feb. My contract states that end of term is deemed to be 30th April, my actual end of term is 31st march. I have to give 2 months notice so I'm wondering will I be able to leave at the actual end of term (therefore earlier resignation) or will I have to wait till during summer term (30th April).

  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I presume you're in an Academy or Indie when you say you have to give 2 months notice? If in an LA School or one using Burgundy Book the usual resignation date is ' by the end of February' to leave at the end of the Spring term. Although to get paid over the holiday I believe it usual to give an actual leaving date of either end of March or April.
    Have you considered where you'll live whilst you're working out your notice?
  3. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Technically, unless you are going to another school, you are only entitled to resign with effect from the end of April. However it's likely to be in everyone's interests for the new teacher to take over at the start of the summer term.
    The best thing is something along the lines of
    "As I am going to be leaving the area, I would like to tender my resignation. I understand that the official leaving date is 30th April; however I would be agreeable to finishing at the end of the Easter holiday to enable my replacement to start at the beginning of the summer term, should that be possible."
    (I would go for the end of the holiday rather than the start as your leaving date - you can be pretty sure they won't be paying your replacement until they actually start, and if you were moving to a new school then they would pay you until then.)

    Of course, you might find a job in your new area starting at the beginning of the summer term; if you did so before the resignation date, then you would be entitled to leave your current one the day before. I don't know what happens if you've already resigned and they're holding you to 30th April; whether that can be overridden for a job coming up after the resignation date.

    With regards to resignation dates, Burgundy Book says end of Feb to leave at end of April (or earlier if starting summer term at another school), rather than two months. There's no reason why you should have to resign in January.

    It sounds as if things are going ahead, so probably the best thing is to tell your head that your resignation is going to be coming, and chat to them about the finish date issue. I suspect that common sense will prevail and they'll be quite happy to let you go at the end of term and probably the end of the holiday, provided they know by the end of February. That would then mean a clean start for the new teacher, everyone knows where they are, and you're free to look for new jobs.
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  4. Emholloway

    Emholloway New commenter

    Yes I am in an academy. Living situation is yet to be arranged! So do you think it is possible to give notice at the end of Feb and still leave before start of summer term or after Easter break?
  5. jago123

    jago123 Established commenter

    I'd be having a conversation with the Head today, tell them the situation...
    Temporary contract or not, you should give them maximum notice. It's all down to the Head, they may release you at Easter if they managed to recruit a replacement.

    In regards to living situation, you need to get this sorted ASAP, whether it's renting a property for 3 months, living with family or friends or renting a hotel room.
    You can't just say that you have no where to live so you won't be serving any further notice etc
  6. Emholloway

    Emholloway New commenter

    I am thinking the same in that starting a new job at the beginning of the summer term would be better for all. My problem is that my boyfriend doesn't want me to tell anyone before we complete on our house, something to do with the mortgage or in case the sale falls through, so discussing my leaving date is not an option yet. I guess I'm wondering if you think it is possible for me to resign at end of Feb, once complete and still leave after Easter to hopefully start a new job at the beginning of the summer term?
  7. Emholloway

    Emholloway New commenter

    I'm not saying I have nowhere to stay so that I don't have to serve notice at all. I can find somewhere to stay and will of course work for as long as they say
  8. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    If your academy is bound by Burgundy Book (most still are) then your employer can technically compel you to start back and work up to 30th April. Technically. Legally.

    Telling school about your plans will have no effect on the sale of your property or your plans for borrowing. You must already have an offer in place.

    Tell school at once. Be honest. I am sure they will let you go at the end of term. Since you could be starting work elsewhere before the end of April your pay could be adjusted accordingly. But do not delay. This moveable feast of the Easter holiday is always a bit of a minefield.
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  9. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Has the mortgage offer been made on the basis of your current employment and earnings, then? You would have to tell the mortgage company of any change between approval and completion, which is presumably your boyfriend's worry.

    However, your best hope of being able to afford the mortgage is to find a job for next term. That means putting in some applications and for that you will need to tell the head that you are applying. Unfortunately time is running out for you to find a job in time to resign with a job to go to (which shouldn't worry the mortgage company too much - you're on a temporary contract anyway). But telling the head you are looking for jobs is not the same as actually putting in the resignation, so your boyfriend should definitely allow you to do that much. The mortgage company don't have to know that you are considering resigning even if you don't find a new post.

    Have the mortgage company not noticed that your job is not near the house and that you are therefore unlikely to be staying in post?

    Assuming you do resign and you still have the mortgage offer, can you afford it if you do not find new work immediately? There is a reason why they do all the affordability checks.
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  10. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    You ought to be able to resign by the end of February to leave at Easter.
    If you are planning to teach elsewhere, then you leave one post at the end of the Easter holidays and start a new one on the first day of the summer term.
    If you aren't going to a new teaching job, then a school could, in theory, as you to teach until the end of April, but this is almost unheard of in practice.

    You need to tell your headteacher soon in order to start applying if you want a new post to start after Easter.
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