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Resignation letter

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by lilmisssunshine., Oct 30, 2016.

  1. lilmisssunshine.

    lilmisssunshine. New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I need some advice. I had a job interview at another school on the Thursday before the half term break (which was last week). My HT knew that I had an interview, I heard on Friday (the last day of half term) that I had got the job, so I informed the HT verbally. I have been offered the job over the phone and accepted. Obviously, I have to hand my notice in by 31st October- tomorrow!!! My letter is written and ready to be handed in. I have read advice on here that states I should wait for the offer in writing before I resign, but with it being half term I haven't yet had the offer in writing. The new school will pick up my email tomorrow, so they still might not reply with a written offer in time.
    So should I hand in my letter tomorrow even though I haven't had written confirmation?
    What would happen if I resigned and the new job fell through? Can I withdraw my resignation?
    It is possible that the new school will email a written offer through, or more likely to post it?

    Sorry for the many questions, any help is appreciated! And I know it's all last minute.


  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Have you had email conformation of the offer? If so, that will suffice.

    Otherwise you'll just have to decide if the risk is worth it.
    It is 'right' to wait for a written offer, but I've only had one once in 8 new schools and it's always worked out fine. BUT it is a risk.
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  3. ViolaClef

    ViolaClef Lead commenter

    Is it worth phoning your new school tomorrow and explaining your dilemma and politely requesting whether it would be possible to email the offer to you today so that you can hand in your notice secure in the knowledge that the post is yours? I think it would have been perfectly possible for them to email or send a written offer over half term - they must know the time scale everyone is working to. Could it have got lost in the post?
    Alternatively, you could approach your present Head and explain that you have your written resignation with you to give in today, but that you have not received a written offer from the new school - it might arrive today or tomorrow - but you would like to receive it before you give the Head your letter. See what they say/advise.
    I can fully understand your caution, and as @caterpillartobutterfly says, it is a risk. Perhaps for future reference it is worth asking, when you accept a job offer, what the procedure is - an email? A letter in the post? And making sure your new school is clear about your timescale. Hope it works out OK for you.
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  4. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

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  5. lilmisssunshine.

    lilmisssunshine. New commenter

    Thanks for the advice guys, I'll speak to my head tomorrow and see what they advise. I never thought to ask about the format of the job offer, it's been a looooong time since I accepted a job haha. I wasn't actively looking for another job but the perfect opportunity arose, hence the rushed, very last minute organisation.
    I have a good feeling about it @blueskydreaming so I might just hand it in ;)
    Everything happens for a reason I suppose.

    Thank you all for replying. It feels like a life time ago that I had to do all of this.
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  6. ViolaClef

    ViolaClef Lead commenter

    @blueskydreaming and @lilmisssunshine - I think this came up on another post not so long ago. If it's a verbal offer and there are no witnesses, who can prove that an offer was made or accepted? If either party changes their minds before something is written down it is one person's word against another. I'm sorry if I sound very cautious, but this happened to someone I know, so I think it's better to be safe than sorry.
  7. lilmisssunshine.

    lilmisssunshine. New commenter

    Thanks @ViolaClef, I'm sorry to hear that it happened to your friend, that's awful! I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. I know that my HT does EVERYTHING by the book so if I don't resign tomorrow then they could make it very difficult for me to leave. But if the job offer falls through then I have no job. I'm hoping that I receive an email from my new school tomorrow, fingers crossed.
  8. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    How did you get on?
  9. lilmisssunshine.

    lilmisssunshine. New commenter

    Sorry it's been a bit of a hectic day. Thanks for asking @caterpillartobutterfly! I received an email first thing this morning from the new school with my offer (on condition of CRB and health check) I took my letter of resignation into school, asked the secretary to sign and date it for me ;) job done!
    Now for countdown to my new role
  10. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    How very exciting... best of luck!
    lilmisssunshine. likes this.
  11. ViolaClef

    ViolaClef Lead commenter

    Congratulations on your new job, @lilmisssunshine! Glad to hear it all worked out well for you! :)
    lilmisssunshine. likes this.
  12. lilmisssunshine.

    lilmisssunshine. New commenter

    Thanks @ViolaClef and @caterpillartobutterfly It's a relief how the pressures from my current school aren't bothering me so much now that I'm on countdown IYKWIM

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