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resignation- do i get holiday pay?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by autismuk, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Depends when you resign. If you resign in line with your contract, e.g. you give sufficient notice, then you will be paid (or should be !) till August.
    If you leave at short notice, you will be paid up till your last working day.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    There are three official dates for leaving a teaching post; 31st December, 30th April and 31st August.
    There are three deadlines for submitting your resignation letter but you may submit in advance of the dates to give the school more time to recruit a replacement.
    You need to submit by 31st oct to leave at the end of December, by the 28th February to leave at the end of April (easter changeover if moving to another LA school) and by 31st May to leave at the end of August.
    Specify the end of August in your letter. It has been known for teachers to state that they wish to leave the employment with effect from their last day at school in July and the employer has taken them at their word and ceased pay at that point!
    If you will have under 2 years in the pension by the time that you leave and you later decide that you won't be returning to teaching in the UK, the TPS will NOT maske retirement payments to you as the membership falls short of the minimum 2 years. You should wait until you know you will not be adding to the scheme at a later time and you can then either request a refund of contributions (minus the tax and NI that you avoided paying when the deductions were made from salary) OR you can transfer the accrued contributions into a comaptible pension scheme with another employment (must be done within 12 months of starting with a new provider).

  3. Amylicorice

    Amylicorice New commenter

    Thanks so much, this has been very helpful. I just hate handing in my resignation, as I really do like my job, but it has to be done.
    thanks again.
  4. Amylicorice

    Amylicorice New commenter

    Hi Jo
    Pensions isn't too tricky. have you opted out? If so ring your pensions scheme, and depending on the amount of time etc they will either refund it there and then, or send you paper work for your school to fill out.
    Sorry about the late reply.


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