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Resignation date - 28 February

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by guagua19, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Anyone else thinking about resigning on MOnday? I believe that 28 February is the cut off date to leave at Easter. J
  2. Anyone else thinking about resigning on MOnday? I believe that 28 February is the cut off date to leave at Easter. J
  3. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    Why do you want to resign? if you don't mind me asking, as a student teacher....
  4. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    I've just sent mine today. Although i've done it before and been pressured to stay, I am defnitely going this time. Fed up of being 100% focused on teaching and nothing else. IF I miss teaching, then at least i know and i will get back into it.
  5. Hi

    I am sending mine in tomorrow. Been signed off for last month and again today for another month due to various issues. Lack of support and bullying - have had enough! I have heavy union involvement and I will get a rubbish reference and thus I know I will struggle to get another job but I can't work in this environment although I love teaching.

    Just out of interest what date in april did you put as your leaving date??
  6. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I was informed you should put the last day of the month if you're still off in order to get paid over the hols. But that was for summer so not overly sure for Easter. Sorry x
  7. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Oh and Micky don't worry too much. Some schools and NQTs just aren't compatible, don't let it put you off.x
  8. Thanks for getting back everyone.
    Have still not made up my mind what to do. Am a mature part-time NQT (with 3 kids) who was given good+outstanding references in Aug when I finished my PGCE through the OU. I had to find all my own placements with no real student cohort so it is not as though i expected to have my hand held all the way. When I started this job, there was no head of Department and only 1 full-time teacher (the other was another NQT finishing her last term who hated it and another part-timer who is very experienced but on meds for stress.) It was a case of all doing what we could as and it has been a constant battle every day since. However, now I had been deemed a 'cause for concern' by new HoD and deputy head, but I have not had a formal meeting to discuss which core standards I am not meeting.

    The classes I have been given are practically all extremely problematic, but I have done everything in my power to deal consistently with misbehaviour (the list is exhaustive) but I guess the main thing which is making me angry is that I do not accept that 'cause for concern' is an accurate reflection of what I have done/achieved etc whilst at this school. Classes seem wild across MFL (and I have seen my classes in other subjects behaving in exactly the same way.) There have been times when I have been the only one in the dept and I have had to hold things together. I have asked for help all along, been very proactive in trying to get to grip with things, written SoWs, 3 parents evenings, GCSE classes, put together topic booklets, phone calls and letters home, visited pupils in form time etc, so its not as though I have just sat there. Similarly, I do not expect 'good/'outstanding' but if I am honest, I do expect that I am worthy of a basic pass, but maybe I am being arrogant. The fact is with so many pupils knowing their rights and being personally very abusive, I feel like I have been stabbed in the back by my HoD and the deputy head, after covering for them and the department. I am an NQT and need support to help me, not to be done 'to' me.

    It is true that a oackage of support will be put together (which I wholeheartedly welcome!) and that I can turn it around, but my heart just isn't in it. I feel sick and angry at the thought of going in, although outwardly I seem mostly fine. Friends of mine who are teachers, mentors/head teachers all say that I just am not being supported adequately and are cross, saying that I will be a good teacher (and I will) but that I need to stick with it. Problem is, Monday 28/2 is looming and I feel hesitant about resigning before I have had a conversation with the powers that be. If I get my 'tick' this month, then maybe I can endure my last short term, but if not I will fight the decision all the way. Rant over and good luck to all NQTs out there!!!
  9. As a mature NQT also I sympathise with you. I also was given outstanding and good ratings last year but feel that my teaching has severly declined since I started my first post in January. I've had no induction to speak of and I wonder what my mentor is supposed to be doing as she is not helping me a lot. I too have really problematic classes that are a problem across the board. To add to all this the Schemes of Work and terrible, a problem other NQTs at my school also find.The only thing I can say is stick it out and finish your NQT year and rethink your options after that. Its what I intend to do. Do you have anything to fall back on if you quit?
    Good luck!
  10. Hello Guagua

    Am a fellow OU graduate/now part-time NQT; I think I know who you are! I don't want to appear to stalk you, or to give away your identity, but if you want to commiserate I have sent you an email to the email address you used last year, which may have had something to do with your previous way of earning a living!

    Hope that's sufficiently cryptic. Hang in there XX
  11. You know I feel that I am reading my situation! Except also add in that I ama also on a disciplinary and guaranteed a rubbish reference!
  12. Snap!

    So much of this thread rings true for me but especially this post.

    My notice is already in and accepted.
  13. I would as a matter of courtesy; both for professionalism and practicality, the head will need to know for references andit's best to keep them on side as much as possible.
    If it's awkward, you could write to both and make it clear they're being copied on the same letter.
  14. I was told by my union to address it to the head and keep it short and basic if you are leaving during problems shall I say.....
    So relieved now mine has been posted.....

    Only problem now is trying to find another job :(
  15. Im leaving at easter and extremely happy about it.
    Last year when i was an NQT, i felt like i wanted to leave at Easter and was having an awful time. It was the worst year of my life. However, now i'm glad I stuck it out. Finishing your NQT year is important for you, forget about the people and chn at school.
    People say you won't regret leaving, but you don't regret staying either, no matter how awful it is you will look back and be glad you did and you will feel stronger and better equipt to deal with stuff. This term half term and next half term are very short too.
    On the other side leaving can be a good thing, you will find a better school eventually. There is no need to put up with feeling down everyday. And i do remember getting to easter last year and regretting not handing my notice in for a bit!:eek:)

  16. I am not having a brilliant time either the Head has caused me a lot of problem but have decided to stick it out for the year because think it will be important and very beneficial to finish NQT year. I have however started looking for new jobs in September and have told my headteacher this as needed to ask if they would be able to provide with with a reference. Their response was - It would be my pleasure goodbye - and promptly ejected me from their room.

    Hope you feel that you have made the right decision.
  17. Thank you for the advice I am keeping a log of things and I have a couple of saving graces in the school one being my induction tutor who is very supportive and making sure that I am getting all my standards and she in conter signing my documentation. It is probably the reason why I am lucky enough to feel that I can stick it out.
  18. While training (within the first month) the bullying started and by Easter I had walked away (signed off with stress) for a break. I did return and with the unstinting support of the Head and one or two others (NQTs) I was able to hit QTS. If I had allowed the bully to win then I would not now be able to teach. It is still hard as I cannot find a post for my NQT year and supply, although fun, is not paying the bills but it was so worth the pain! You have survived so far with hardly any pain left to endure, don't let that pathetic loser beat you, you know you are better and so does the "colleague" who is using you to deflect their own failings.
    Other schools will know the truth about the treatment you endured and any school that does not assess you on your merit is not worthy of you anyway. As someone has already told you: you will not regret staying but you probably will regret not trying. I know it is difficult and lonely but you are not alone and if you were not meant to be a teacher you would have gone by now.
    BTW - my GP said she sees stressed teachers so often that she now considers our profession to be the one which suffers the most bullying and it is always from other teachers. The only way to stop it now and in the future is to keep the diary suggested earlier and complain: your employer is legally bound to protect you and your union will be happy to stand with you.
  19. i was thinking to leave but as i am a NQT i have siad i would stay but after i complite my NQT years i might resign

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