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Residual pain after cystitis

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by ce11ardoor, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Still waiting to hear from urology but the interesting thing is I had a laparoscopy last week for chronic pain and it turns out I have an infection in the ovaries which I'm about to start antibiotics for. So I'm now beginning to wonder if the urinary symptoms are related to the pelvic infection. The day after getting out of the hospital I took another full blown uti so feeling really low at the moment struggling to cope with both. The uti antibiotics finish tomorrow and to be honest I don't feel like they have made much difference.
    Just wondering if anyone who's had a pelvic infection has experience of any urinary symptoms?
    Also frustrated by the fact that when I first saw the gynae consultant about 9 months ago I asked if he thought I had a pelvic infection as I had a few of the symptoms but he said no and wouldn't even consider it so it just goes to show ladies that quite often we are right all along!
  2. [Hi! I am 23 years old. Last october i had an UTI. I took antibiotics and it was ok. Then, it december it started again,another uti. Another antibiotic. But since then i feel this constant pain. It is mainly when i pee and when i think too much about it. I'm very nervous with this. It gets worse when i pee almost like burning instead of real pain. I read your story and i think i have the same. What happenned? Did you get better? What should i do?

    Thank you
    QUOTE="ce11ardoor, post: 68893, member: 397213"]Hi

    If anyone can help me, I would be so grateful.

    I had two really nasty bouts of cystitis in March and April. Since then I have been back to the doctors twice with similar buring and pain only to be told there is no infection. They did tests for STDs, Thrush and BV which all came back negative.

    A nurse eventually told me that she thought I had residual pain as my urine contained a lot of leukocytes. She said there was nothing I could do but wait. This was last week and although the pain seems to be easing, it is still quite bad sometimes. It hurts after I urinate, not during, and begins to throb when my bladder gets full.

    Have been reading up and am terrified it might be the beginnings of interstitial cystitis. Have already visitied COB website but does anyone else have any ideas of how I can ease the pain as (or if!) it heals?

    Very blue... :-([/QUOTE]

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