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Residual pain after cystitis

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by ce11ardoor, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Hi

    If anyone can help me, I would be so grateful.

    I had two really nasty bouts of cystitis in March and April. Since then I have been back to the doctors twice with similar buring and pain only to be told there is no infection. They did tests for STDs, Thrush and BV which all came back negative.

    A nurse eventually told me that she thought I had residual pain as my urine contained a lot of leukocytes. She said there was nothing I could do but wait. This was last week and although the pain seems to be easing, it is still quite bad sometimes. It hurts after I urinate, not during, and begins to throb when my bladder gets full.

    Have been reading up and am terrified it might be the beginnings of interstitial cystitis. Have already visitied COB website but does anyone else have any ideas of how I can ease the pain as (or if!) it heals?

    Very blue... :-(
  2. Help...anyone?
  3. Cystitis is horrible isn't it! Have you tried the over the counter remedies? Or Cranberry juice regular to prevent it. I also like taking Uvacin tablets. Try a combination of all of them and see what works.
  4. Drink plenty. I used to get cystitis every time I had sex which was awful and such a pain as the only thing that resolved it was antibiotics (which meant spending an awful lot of time at the doctors!) Drink plenty of water - I do this now and it usually prevents me developing a full blown infection. I've had a few twinges today so looks like its water, water and more water for me tonight.
    The needing to go to the toilet right now as I'm bursting thing gets me - when I get there its a tiny dribble!
    Good luck x
  5. cranberry juice, was my saviour......... horrible condition
  6. It could be that you have an "irritable bladder." I had something similar after an infection a few years ago. I thought the infection had come back because I had all the symptoms, but all the tests proved negative. Eventually, the symptoms disappeared.

    Even so, its worth getting yourself checked just incase there is a residual infection.
  7. Thanks, guys. Drinking cranberry 'til it's coming out my ears. I hope it is just an irritable bladder and settles down... ~sigh~
  8. Eww cranberry juice is disgusting! Maybe thats why my infections always turned really nasty - I can't stand to drink that stuff.
  9. there are cranberry tablets you can take
  10. My sister has interstital cystitis and believe me, if you had it you'd know about it. She is in constant pain and only gets relief when she wees, the opposite of you. So don't stress. I am in a similar position to yourself. Have been in discomfort since last October. Am convinced I have candida in my bladder but waiting to see urologist again to persuade her to test me for it.

    I had a cystoscopy last week but nothing came out of it except that my bladder is a bit red. You can get a thing called Uva Ursi in health food shops which might help. Otherwise, drink lots of water. You might still have a low level infection. Apparently they only examine your urine if it has above a certain amount of bacteria in it which is quite high. Ask to see a urologist anyway. You have nothing to loose. Good luck. I share you misery.
  11. Thanks for your help weewee (poor you!). Could it be Candidia?

    I don't think it's IC either, just paranoid and worried- I'm so sorry for your sister, it sounds awful.

    I'm going to have a look at acupuncture soon if it doesn't clear up - apparently it can help.

    I hope you feel better.
  12. ce11ardoor,
    Just to warn you and others - if you have had UTI and pain afterwards or symptoms and tests are negative then don't irritate your bladder with cranberry juice
    Cranberry juice is useful for bacterial cystitis

    But if you have post infection inflammation or bladder irritation or even symptoms of IC, you should try and cut out bladder irritants. Many find just the diet can alone be fine to control symptoms but will take a few weeks to work...

    Most bladder irritants are caffine, alcohol, citrus fruits, tomatoes and most fizzy drinks and sometimes chocolate. You may find that it doesn't make a difference at first but it should help

    Don't dismiss interstitial cystitis - it could be a mild case in which prompt treatment should help.

    In any case, would get a referral to a urologist.

    I too, like you had a UTI and didn't feel good after with pain and frequency but had no idea about cystitis then let alone interstitial cystitis and waited 2 years to see a urologist as my GP kept telling me to drink less water or had OAB...
    things for me of course got worse and worse...but felt better on medication and couldn't believe i let it go on so long.
    It could just be irritation from the infection but you should get it checked out esp. if things haven't calmed down..

    Other things you could do apart from the diet is to try potassium citrate as this alkanises urine hence helps frequency /pain

    Have you tried heat on the lower abdomen - does that help?

  13. PS
    All IC symptoms can differ in others. You don't have to have severe pain or frequency to have it.
    I for example, do not get relief after voiding but worse after, and feel that pressure and urgency when bladder is filling and also get that burning pain from time to time even though many think burning means an infection

    Raised leukocytes or protein can be due to the inflammation but of course needs investigated

    I don't know if you can post links on here but here is a link to some advice - http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/cobf/vpost?id=178...

    hope it helps!! I wish I had known when I first had symptoms - that was my first UTI but was on hols so thought was a travel bug and antibiotics cleared it up....

  14. I had this after a bad bout of cystitis a few years ago and it was diagnosed as "urethritis", i.e. everything still inflamed but no infection remaining.

    I found "Oasis" sachets (available in supermarkets, Boots etc) taken 3 times a day and weeing less (to let everything settle) really helped me. I drank only water but not too much of it.

    Hope this is helpful, I know how bl**dy painful it is.
  15. Thank you Sweetangel and Debecca for both of your replies.

    Debecca - feels exactly like your description and I have found that weeing less - not more as doctors keep telling me - is actually helping.

    Have been drinking Uva Uris tea all day. Also have urine strips to do at hope testing and the leukocytes seem to have gone. Just hoping it all settles down...
  16. hi debecca- glad your symptoms went away- the sachets help as they have potassium citrate in them - cheaper to buy that or bicarb of soda
    they can help in irritable bladder as well as infections as helps alkanise the urine.

    hope the uva ursi helps if it is bacterial cystitis you have - if it is irritable or IC type then uva ursi and herbs could make symptoms worse

    I am the same, feel better for not going than going all the time

    I hope that the diet and potassium citrate itself helps calm things down for you

  17. Thank you for all your help, Sweetangel.

    Link was very interesting and now stored in Favourites.

    I do think it is "urethritis", rather than IC as I am not in constant pain; the irritation gets really bad only when I panic and wee too much. It then becomes a vicious circle...

    Will take into acount what you've said about uva ursi; am also taking aloe vera and do still have some Oasis sachets... will drink some today. And stay off the cranberry for a while.

    I hope you stay well... Thanks again.


  18. I've just come across this thread and found it very interesting as I too am experiencing urinary frequency and urgency as well as a constant burning sensation in the bladder area and am waiting for a urology appointment but am terrified it will show IC.
    It all started with a uti 6 months ago which cleared but the symptoms came back several times after that with no sign of infection until last week so I'm just praying I've had a low grade infection all this time that hasn't really cleared and wasn't picked up or it's just irritation and will diasppear with time. Any thoughts?
  19. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    My friend swore by drinking gallons of Robinson's Barley Water, but not the lemon variety. I don't know if you can still buy it, but anything is worth a try when you are suffering.
  20. Hi, Ive just come across this thread and wondered if my expereinces might help.
    I suffered exactly the same symptoms; constant burning and pain, needing the toilet, symptoms of cystitis yet when i went to the doctors i was told there was no present infection. This went on for a few years until i moved cities and the nurse there cared enough to recognise that something was wrong, referring me to a urologist. He was no use and didnt even listen to me- just prescribed water tablets which made things worse! He did however refer me to a specialist urology nurse- my lifesaver. After years of constant worry and pain, being told i was imagininig it all and it was just one of them things, she helped me to get to the bottom of the problem- simply an oversensitive bladder. I had to complete a fluid intake chart and measure my outgoing fluid - it turned out that i wasnt drinking even a bit of what i should have been, casuing me to be really dehydrated and my bladder to become really irritated, causing cystitis like symptoms. I had to keep a diary and make sure i drunk at least 1500-2000ml per day, and she told me i needed to train my bladder to do its proper job again as at the moment the second it began to fill up i needed the loo; she explained that this was not its job and it needed to get used to actualy being full to work properly. She was fantastic and for the first time i didnt feel ashamed or embarrarsed about it all.
    Now i make sure i drink enough each day, avoiding caffeine so i now drink decaf tea ect as this is a major irritant to people with oversensitive bladders. I cannot tell you the difference to my life. if only somepne had told me for the years i suffered that it aws something as simple as not drinking enough that was making the symtoms worse. Im not sure if this will help at all but if you can i would really recommend seeing a specialist nurse.
    I hope this helps in someway, sorry for the long post!

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