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Residential Visits....Help ?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by din057, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. din057

    din057 New commenter

    Please can anyone help. Yr 5/6 Outdoor Residential in a few weeks. What is the bottom line on needs for staffing? Approx 20 children. Do I definitely need a female (me) and a male member of ststaff to ensure boys are ok ? Plus do I need 2 or 3 members of staff to be present overnight and during activities? ( OK Dangerous stuff staffed by instructors.) Confused and downhearted at all barriers being put in my way !
  2. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    We normally take between 20 and 30 kids away with 4 staff. Most years it's been 3 female staff and 1 male. This year it was 3 male staff and I was the only female for most of the week.
  3. din057

    din057 New commenter

    Were they all teachers....or other "Staff?" Struggling to find a male and a female to partake here! Deposit already paid but with LA H&S step in ?
  4. We take a Year 6 class every Autumn with 1 male and 1 female member of teaching staff (current and previous) so that at least 1 of staff has good knowledge of children. A tutor takes activities and we support, in the evening we are responsible for pupils (up to 30). Most schools in our area send current teacher and a TA. Some schools have staff who volunteer to visit at tea time/early evening and relieve those on duty 24/7 but not all.
  5. we take between 20-30 children each year. HT (male) goes occasionally but most times it''s 2 or 3 female teachers and 2 female TAs. This year 1 teacher (me) and 2 TAs - all ladies, but all mums of sons.
  6. Your school should have an EVC (Educational Visits Coordinator) to help you with this kind of thing.With regards to how many staff it depends where you are goiong and what you are doing, assome centers are staffed by qualified teachers.It also depends who you are taking as to how many you need but it would be good practice to have at least one other member of staff with you.There are no legal guidelines as to how many staff but your local authority may well have information about this.
    You don't need a male with you. We don't have any male staff so sometimes we have taken a CRB checked Dad but certainly not always.
    There shouldn't be barriers you just need to think through the risk assessments, what would happen if you had an accident for example - as long as you have thought about the risks, completed risk assessments and have planned what you would do should a problem arise - most commonly child has an accident or child is ill. Then you should be ok. Obviously you can't think of every eventuality but just stay calm and in control and use your common sense.

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