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Residential Ratio Abroad

Discussion in 'School trips' started by missworthington99, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. missworthington99

    missworthington99 New commenter


    I am running my first residential to France in March next year. I am only taking 25 Year 9s and travelling with NST where I get three free adults.
    Do you think that three adults will be enough? The school have suggested a ratio of 1:10, but NST allow 1:8. I am concerned that if there is an emergency then I will only have 2 adults for 24 children. NST have staff onsite but have specifically told me that they won't be able to 'step-in' to help out if there's an emergency.
    Should I ask the school to pay for a fourth member of staff to come on the trip?

    Thanks so much :)
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I was the EVC for my school for many years. Our LEA advice would be 1:15 however the EVC training would adapt that to 1:15 + 1. 3 staff for 25 yr 9s should be OK. However your risk assessment should note any special measures that may be needed for individual pupils. Will any of them need 1:1 for instance. Do any of them have any medical requirements or allergies etc. The way to look at it would be (in my mind) If a child was taken ill and required the full attention of one member of staff would there be sufficient left to supervise the rest. Or if a staff member was taken ill would there be enough left to supervise the kids or if a member of staff had to stay up all night with a child and needed sleep next day would there be enough staff left to supervise. Your risk assessment will need to be signed off by your school's EVC and they should be able to advise. Hope this help. Enjoy the trip
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  3. michaelatucker

    michaelatucker New commenter

    I found your advice really helpful, thank you.

    I have another question, I am just preparing for my first international trip and am starting to put together a folder that i will take. I have a list such as;

    Emergency contacts, back at school and also in Germany
    Local Hospital / Drs
    Full itinerary with all contacts and Maps if applicable of all excursions
    Medical notes and allergies on students
    SEN details
    flight info
    Accommodation info
    A register of all students (Several copies for regular head checks)

    Is there anything that I have missed or should think about? Any advice or sharing of any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

  4. Skeoch

    Skeoch Star commenter

    My trick was to shrink the register to credit card sized and get it laminated. Dead easy to access.
    Suggest you have two copies of your folder, one with you and one with another member of staff.
    Photocopies of passports are ever so useful if a passport goes missing.
    Ensure your contact at school is available 24/7 and is very fully briefed. Having this in place was ever so helpful on two trips I did (misbehaviour on one occasion, accident on another).
    It's inevitable that the pupils will have mobile phones. Make sure you have a note of their numbers, and that they know the number of the phone you will have with you (and sort out the data protetction issues in advance!). Their mobiles will enable them to locate themselves if they get lost, and will enable contact.
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  5. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Sounds like you are preparing well.
    Something I would do on a trip like this is take the school trip mobile phone with me (It was a cheap dumb phone with £10 of PAYG credit on it) and make sure that all kids had the number so if they needed help and were away from you they could call you. It also meant I could call a parent if required without giving them my personal number (had to do this on a couple of occasions). Once purchased the phone would be available to anyone running a trip. School numbers and other important numbers could be saved in it as well. Take the charger!
    Make sure you share all staff numbers with each other. make sure you have an agreed member of staff at home that you can contact in an emergency (I always had the HT and DHT just in case)

    If any kids have an epipen you will need a doctor's note to allow them to carry it onto the plane.

    Advise all parents to check their kid's phones so that if they wish, they can turn off roaming. Lost count of the number of kids who, 2 days in have no credit left or get a huge bill when they get home because of this.
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  6. pippamp

    pippamp New commenter

    I would agree and add to what @blazer has said about the ' Epipen '
    Firstly - Ask parents to provide 2 Epipens ( one to be retained by Teacher )
    Secondly make sure someone other than the child knows how to use the Epipen
    Thirdly make sure that who ever is sharing the room/dorm with the Epipen user knows what to do/ which teacher to contact in th event of an incident
    Lastly ( this one caught us out.... ) remind the child to carry the Epipens in his/her HAND LUGGAGE - ( we were taxiing out to take off when we discovered the Epi wallet had gone into the hold!!! )
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