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Residential Ratio Abroad

Discussion in 'School trips' started by missworthington99, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. missworthington99

    missworthington99 New commenter


    I am running my first residential to France in March next year. I am only taking 25 Year 9s and travelling with NST where I get three free adults.
    Do you think that three adults will be enough? The school have suggested a ratio of 1:10, but NST allow 1:8. I am concerned that if there is an emergency then I will only have 2 adults for 24 children. NST have staff onsite but have specifically told me that they won't be able to 'step-in' to help out if there's an emergency.
    Should I ask the school to pay for a fourth member of staff to come on the trip?

    Thanks so much :)
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I was the EVC for my school for many years. Our LEA advice would be 1:15 however the EVC training would adapt that to 1:15 + 1. 3 staff for 25 yr 9s should be OK. However your risk assessment should note any special measures that may be needed for individual pupils. Will any of them need 1:1 for instance. Do any of them have any medical requirements or allergies etc. The way to look at it would be (in my mind) If a child was taken ill and required the full attention of one member of staff would there be sufficient left to supervise the rest. Or if a staff member was taken ill would there be enough left to supervise the kids or if a member of staff had to stay up all night with a child and needed sleep next day would there be enough staff left to supervise. Your risk assessment will need to be signed off by your school's EVC and they should be able to advise. Hope this help. Enjoy the trip

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