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Residential Centres within around an hour of Watford and Oxford.

Discussion in 'School trips' started by sian.m.turner, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. sian.m.turner

    sian.m.turner New commenter

    I've asked this before but I thought it was worth another shot as I'm coming up short on most of the centres I've tried.

    I'm looking for accommodation and food somewhere that is not openly accessible by the public (ie. a youth hostel) for a visit at the end of June/early July next year. We are hoping to visit Warner Brothers Studios and Oxford so it would be beneficial if neither were more than an hour-ish away.

    So far, I've tried:
    Phasels Wood
    Hill End
    Youlbury - Scout Adventures
    Green Park
    Woodrow High House

    None are coming up with much availability unless we are camping, which to us is a separate visit in itself.
    Does anywhere know of anywhere I've missed? Or have any other ideas?
    Thanks in advance!
    Sian :)
  2. outdooradventurer

    outdooradventurer New commenter

    Hi sian.m.turner,
    Check out the Institute of Outdoor Learning Website. They have a map with a list of registered outdoor centres that you could check for availability. It also lists a lot of individual members so you will need to click a few. Of course it is most schools activity weeks so centres with accommodation will be fairly booked up.
    Click the Map to zoom in and then just click each icon too see what's available in the area you require.
    Best of luck. We're too far away in Devon, and of course we are already booked up.

    You could also try groupaccommodation.com they have the current site listed with availability during early July.

    (Barry - Skern Lodge)
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
  3. sian.m.turner

    sian.m.turner New commenter

    Thank you very much Barry. That's a great help! I'll get on to it straight away. Do you find that time of year particularly busy? And, just out of interest, do you know the reason why? I'm just thinking it may be worth giving feedback to senior leadership about the reasons why it is busier at this time.
    Thanks :)
  4. outdooradventurer

    outdooradventurer New commenter

    The end of June/beginning of July is our busy time for us due to a number of factors, these are some but not all.

    1. Most schools have just finished their exam time and now feel they can focus upon the extra curriculum activities.
    2. Generally teachers like the warmer months, but this isn't always a guarantee.
    3. Many schools are linking with NCS programmes. These generally run from the end of June into July and August. Attracting 15/16 year olds who may or may not have made a commitment to further training or employment. Any space that centres have, has been filled by these programmes across the country. Although the government’s target of 360K per year has been revised down to 247K it is still a lot of young people to find spaces for.

    It would be interesting to hear from other outdoor / residential providers why they find this time the busiest and the most lucrative. Our prices are a considerably a lot lower in February and March, yet we still have availabilty during some weeks.
    Hope this helps.:)

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