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Residential Boarding Assistant? Anyone been one before????

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by hexterial, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. hexterial

    hexterial New commenter

    So I just landed a job i'm really excited about at a boarding school, however the role has an additional residential pastoral position attached to the job. (I am completely fine with this however it's a completely different role to take up straight out of uni:D), I was wondering if any of y'all have had experience or have partaken in a similar role and would be able to let me know what i am getting myself in for :D:D
  2. stavanger14

    stavanger14 New commenter

    Hey! Is it a UK boarding school? I worked as a residential assistant before, has the school given you details of what you're expected to do with regards to boarding? Could be evenings/weekends depending what they are after. Will you be teaching a full timetable? :)
  3. hexterial

    hexterial New commenter

    Oh cool! Yes its in the UK, I am still awaiting the official contract, however what I was told at the interview is i Will be working 6 days a week (a coupe of these will be half days as i will be working days and evenings on others) its about 3 days boarding work, on top of 5 days art assistant work :D I think with regards to the teaching side of the job it sounds more like a technician role, with the occasional teaching area - which i am fine with, any way to start learning sounds good in my books :D

    What was your experience like? Did you work in the uk as well?
  4. stavanger14

    stavanger14 New commenter

    Where I worked (in the UK) we had an Artist in Residence so it might be similar to that role then!

    I did five evenings boarding, so it was pretty full on really, but a good experience for a year or so. I decided after that I wanted more of a life so changed but boarding is good on the whole! Do you know if you'll just be in one boarding house? It's nice in that you get to know the pupils a lot better and there's a more relaxed atmosphere in the house compared to in school. From what I've heard it varies a lot from school to school. I expected a more homely feel in the boarding house but being so international and quite big there wasn't so much getting together.

    3 days boarding sounds like a good balance :)

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