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Discussion in 'Primary' started by SYEDA_THAKEE, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am currently a student and as part of my final year dissertation I will be conducting research on the issue of Sex Education Lesson in primary schools (for children aged 9-11 years).

    Having been enlightened by the introduction of Sex Education lessons as part of Personal, Social, Health and Economics Education (PSHE) as compulsory in all primary schools (since September 2011); I was hoping to receive some participation from here. I am interested in responses from teachers in primary schools, who have had experience in teaching and negotiating with parents.

    Before responding I would like a small introduction (this is only provisional and I may require more information):
    Name(username is accepted):
    Years in teaching:
    Types of school (e.g. community, independent, faith):
    Are you for or against the introduction of compulsory Sex Education?

    My focus on the research is on:
    How parents, teachers, Local Authorities and School Governors negotiate with each other, with regards to Sex Education lessons?
    What are your opinions on parental intervention, on whether a child should take part in Sex Education lessons?
    What forms of negotiations do you use?
    Has negotiation patterns changed over the time you have been teaching (if relevant)? For example before and after the introduction of compulsory Sex Education

    I appreciate your opinions and experiences; there are no right or wrong answers.

    IMPORTANT: I would also like to inform you that by responding to this thread you are giving me consent to using your response in my research. However, you have every right to withdraw from this research (PLEASE STATE THIS CLEARLY) and I will not use your response.

    Syeda Thakee
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    We don't really negotiate with other bodies. Our LA has a well established general policy, so we don't negotiate with them. We simply send a letter to parents to outline what we will be doing and how and saying that they need to contact us if they wish to withdraw their child or have questions. Parents who come in and talk (there is usually less than 5 out of the 60 children in a year group) just want reassurance that what we are proposing is suitable for children and they get that.

    We don't negotiate as such.
  3. Do parents contact you directly, to discuss your proposal of teaching the lessons?
    Do you as a Teacher have any participation on how the lesson should be taught?
    How do you or the school reassure parents?
    How do you or the school take into consideration the different needs/wants of parents?

  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    In that they pop in at the end of the day for a quick chat.
    Of course, same as any other lesson.
    Tell then what we are teaching and how.
    We don't. They like it or lump it really.

    The problem you are going to have with your research is you seem to be assuming that sex ed and parents views is more of an issue than it is. It really isn't a big deal at all in any of the schools I have taught in. Schools just send out a letter to inform parents. Some parents want a little more information and so pop in for a chat., Teachers (and sometimes school nurses) teach the lessons. That is it. Same for any other subject really.

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