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Research !Help please!!!

Discussion in 'Science' started by dkarana, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. dkarana

    dkarana New commenter

  2. what do you mean by "critical thinking"? I wouldn't know where to start either to be honest...
  3. Presumably this is part of a qualification which you are trying to gain, rather than an interesting way of passing the time? As such, you would have carried out some initial research, arranged your thoughts before you started, considered the data you would collect and then done so. Excellent.
    Now you have your data: your analysis and conclusion MUST relate to what you have. Surely you cannot expect anyone else to do the work for you, and certainly not to second-guess what information you have collected. If a qualification is worth having, it should involve some hard work on behalf of the recipient (isn't that what we try to impress on our students when they complain about coursework?).
    It is always possible to admit that your research was flawed, that you need to gather more data, that the scope of the investigation is wider than you originally considered etc etc. You could focus on how it could be improved if done again (you might even be able to spend a few hours using your improved technique and present those limited findings).
    My advice is: don't waffle, present some cogent research done by others (with FULL acknowledgement), admit to your failings (whilst stating an support or refutation for previous researchers), present improvements in a concise manner. If you are well supported by your establishment, this should be an interim report and your supervisor will be able to help you find a way forward. If you've left it until the last minute, learn the lesson!
  4. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    By my interpretation, critical thinking is the same as scientific thinking but outside of the subject. You need kids to explain, justify and evaluate their reasoning and use questioning style to illicit such responses.
  5. dkarana

    dkarana New commenter

    Wow PSU,
    Thank you so much for your honest,straightforward and great suggestions.You are or would have been a great teacher.I really admire and appreciate your feedbacks.Yes this research is part of PGCE and I admit I was terribly lost.I really like the idea of accepting the flaws.Thanks alot.Looking forward to more from you :)
    Thanks Micky,
    I feel that critical thinking is questioning the answer.The problem is how to evaluate the development of the students...Is it same as independent thinking?

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