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request for production policies

Discussion in 'Music' started by starfluf, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    As some of you may have seen we've had issues post show to do with placement of profits. Has anyone got production policies we could use as templates to protect ourselves for future productions? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi guys
    Just giving this one a'bump up' - any takers please? thanks
  3. v12


    It sounds like the sort of thing I'd love to help with, but I simply don't understand <u>any</u> of the original post!
    I think more detailed information or a more detailed query might be needed.
  4. lol! OK our SLT our questioning our needs and requirements for productions. We are all experienced in our own fields, but haven't had the ownership of putting on a production before. So I'd like documentation on policies for cover, expenditure, rehearsals etc. I'm assuming other schools also use a 'it's always been like that' policy but with times a changing I think we need to justify and quantify our needs. Thanks
  5. v12


    Our Headmaster simply insists that my shows at least 'break even', and, uncharacteristically, doesn't really get involved apart from the valedictory speech on the last night.
    The Bursar allows me to set up a special 'slush fund' account so that I can order scores and licences, or materials and paints, or cloths and threads without having first had to sell any tickets.
    Ticket prices are down to me and my team, and I'm pleased to say that we make a healthy profit every year - although I'm sure there are some hidden costs that are swept under the carpet, which might reduce our actual profit.
    I think that your Headmaster needs to learn to trust your judgement. I normally have an early meeting with the Head to outline the show I've chosen and any special things that might be unusual with the production (one year, I did an Old Tyme Musical with a hot meal and wine served during the interval - it took quite a lot of convincing him that we'd not bankrupt ourselves, but with a carefully laid out plan and a 'What can possibly go wrong' approach, I'm glad to say I won!)
    Documentation. Nahh. It's just something which happens - impossible to quantify really as each production will be completely different. The costs for, say, the two musicals we wrote in house were vastly different to, say, the Bugsy Malone production we did. Funnily enough, though, they both cleared about the same profit with the same audience numbers! Go figure!!
    Ahh. Having just re-read your OP, perhaps you also mean in terms of rehearsal time and staff cover...in which case,

    Again, not really documented - just done
    Every member of staff is encouraged to sign up and help in a specific way - from the simple 'backstage control' or 'front of house' to the more complex costume/set design. This commitment is given quite willingly by the vast majority. A specific sheet is put up in the CR and brought to their notice during an early Staff Shout.
    Rehearsals: It is understood that the Thursday after-school activity slot (1h20m) is earmarked for the production - so sports clubs avoid that evening, and the drama/singing rehearsals take priority over everything else - if the children audition and are given a part they are expected to come to all relevant rehearsals (we have over 60 involved in every show).
    I normally start rehearsals at the beginning of the Lent Term - whether the production is in March (before Easter) or in June (after the exams) - we have just had a March production - but next year I am shifting it back to the end of June - so we get the show learnt and blocked before Easter and then tick over until the CE exams are over - then we have a whole week where the children are free of any other pressures and can be released from academic lessons to attend as and when.
    We usually timetable two Sunday rehearsals where the entire cast can bring along their DS/PSPs and a good book, and learn all the songs and major chorus dances in two massive rehearsals.
    Occasionally - the <strike>Drama Queen</strike> Head of Drama will throw an absolute tantrum a few days before the dress rehearsal and the Head will allow an impromptu afternoon rehearsal for the entire cast.
    Does that help - or were you looking for a different sort of answer?
  6. Sir Cumference

    Sir Cumference New commenter

    Perhaps this could be adapted....

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