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Request for advice on supply long-term

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by tomkins15, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. tomkins15

    tomkins15 New commenter

    For a few weeks now, I have been working 3 days a week at a school through my supply agency, doing PPA cover in various year groups. The school has now asked the agency if I could work 5 days a week in the same class, for the next few months. I like the school and want to do this, however, I am wondering what my pay will be. I think I will be expected to do all the planning, marking and assessment and tracking that goes with a full-time teaching job. Again, I would expect this, of course, but the agency said nothing about an increase in pay. (I do not feel that the daily rate is very high as it is, but when you first go into agency work, they tell you the rate they will pay you). I enquired about this when they told me of the extra days, and at first the consultant said 'You've been doing the planning anyway, haven't you!' - but I had only planned the whole unit of one subject that I would be covering, and also one morning a week for a new teacher. I said that if I was doing everything, that that would involve a lot of my time at home. I have taught full-time on a fixed-term contract previously and I know the time and work that goes into it. The consultant agreed and said she would negotiate with the school and try and get me a little bit more. I feel unsure about the whole set up, as I have never even been given the original assignment by the agency, despite repeated requests by me, and several promises by them that it would be sent to me that same day. I also feel uneasy about the fact that they are going to negotiate with the Head. I like this school - the Head is nice, and I would like to work there. I also think they pay an enormous amount for a supply teacher. I think it isn't a rich school and I feel sorry that the agency will ask for even more. Also, maybe this would affect her plan to ask for me to do the extra days. Are there certain regulations about longer-term supply and does the agency have certain compliance criteria? Should I have a copy of the assignment - or am I worrying over nothing as regards this? Any advice or information would be most welcome.
  2. I did long term supply for two terms last year. After long negotiations I managed to get £2 a day increase for the first job and a further £2 a day for the second term because it was in Special Measures. I had an Ofsted in both schools. I felt it was an insult really but I couldn't get any more out of them and I needed the work. I did all the planning, completely from scratch in the second school, all parents' evenings, all staff meetings, everything. My rate of pay is considerably lower than scale pay.
    This year I am only doing casual supply work. So I don't mind the lower amount so much as I'm not doing the same amount of work, which suits me fine.
  3. I had been working day-to-day and when I took a long-term job (2 terms), my agency increased my daily rate by £10. I thought that was fair. £2 is an insult!
  4. My agency said that long term won't get me more as schools will negotiate a reduced price for a long term booking as they are guaranteeing work for the agency. Seem agencies get it from both sides. On the other hand once you get to 12 weeks you should get paid to scale. My agency confirmed today that my long term post til summer possibly (afternoons) will cost the school more after 12 weeks but there's no guarantee school will keep me on. I do no planning Monday to Friday as parallel teacher plans y5/6 cover I do for senco and HLTA plans for me, her and another teacher for the three PPA afternoons. I plan for Fridays but it's my specialism and I offered to give NE flexibility as I teach music to all three ks1 classes. On another not a friend is bought in at £225 a day to do whole school PPA and she's not even got qts. She's a very brilliant experienced practitioner with a specialism and a masters degree and dies all planning etc. she was shocked at my pay!
  5. tomkins15

    tomkins15 New commenter

    Thanks for that information - I didn't realise that once you get to 12 weeks, they have to pay you to scale. I am wondering if that has something to do with the fact that my agency seems reluctant to send me through the assignment document. What the agencies charge is an incredible amount - especially when, if you're like me, your daily rate is less than half that - even though I would be paid to MPS 3 if I were on a permanent or fixed-term contract. I have already been at the school for 4 weeks, doing first 2 days per week, then 3 days, now full-time. I wonder if that is all included in the 12 weeks above.

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