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Discussion in 'Primary' started by orangeshortbread, May 30, 2011.

  1. Why do they take so long to write? I've done 3 and it has already taken hours and I am finding it tedious. I hope they will get faster as a I get into them! Any tips for speeding up - without copying and pasting chunks of text?

  2. The only tip I have is mass copying and pasting...so that is no good for you! I've copied and pasted two reports and am already bored. I wish I could find the motivation to write my reports but I just can't!
  3. I copied and pasted and now I'm done! I changed bits on every report to tailor it to the child but copying and pasting the basis makes life so much easier! Can enjoy half term now...have lots if loveliness planned :)
  4. *of On iPhone sorry!
  5. Yay Yoitsjo!
    Can you send some of the motivation my way please! Even copying and pasting seems like far too much effort at the moment. I know I should just get it over and done with but I do like to torture myself with not doing things until the last minute!
  6. Thanks :) Aww pff...it is hard work :-( I set myself a deadline as had so much planned that I wanted to enjoy and didn't want reports hanging over me! I work well to deadlines! Organise something for mid week and say they must be done by then! Saying that, I usually spend the whole half term on them...don't know what's got into me!
  7. I'm finding a large box of my favourite chocolates are helping with the motivation. I'm allowed one each time I finish a section! Plus I have a bottle of wine chilling for if I get halfway by tonight (and another ready for finishing them by Friday) Not sure what it will do for my waistline though!
  8. Ooooh yes!! Wine and chocolate rewards helped me too!!
  9. I have a hair appointment on wednesday afternoon and a lunch date with mum on friday. Even with those deadlines I doubt I will get them done!
  10. Chocolate and wine sound great.
    I do all the foundation subjects first as I write the same for all unless somebody is absolutely brilliant, which none of them are. Then I do the teacher comments. By then I'm ready for the hard ones which I tend to group so each group will get the same comments. Only way it works for me.
  11. I know that this won't help - but I've been grinning exile reading this thread as I've already completed my reports! New school this year and they are handed out in February. February half term nearly killed me, but I knew I'd be pleased when this half term came!!

    I seriously feel your pain guys - have lot of small manageable targets and many treats!!

    Good luck!!
  12. Ok so I caved in and stopped being stubborn about staying away from copy and paste. Copy and paste is my friend. Reports will not consume my week off! Copy and paste is reasonable to a certain extent.
  13. Is having the reward of beer wrong when your still writing them :S
  14. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Definitely not! I've done half of mine, rewarded myself with alcohol last night but didn't do anything today (still going to reward myself, though, as I'm pleased I have half done!). As long as the booze doesn't affect what you're writing...!!
  15. Sillow - even with copy and paste I dont know how you do them so quickly.
    IHave my a mixed aged class so have to look at what I put last year and try not to repeat. There are a good few where I just want to put "Your child is a little ****!"
  16. Ive done 15 out of 26. Im past the half way mark!
  17. Thank GOD for reading on here that people do batch comments on level abilties etc - I have been desperately trying to re-word the same thing about databases and simuations that we have done in ICT in 29 completely different ways, using only two sentences (tiny amount of space on our reports). Without being negative at all in any way for any child (completely banned at our school).
    And also lovely to hear I'm not the only one who thinks its all a bit of a waste of time and has NOTHNG to do with learning.
    Now just need to think up 29 different targets for PSHE - completely stumped if I'm honest as to what that's meant to be (and KS leader is worse than useless, so no help there), I'm hoping something along the lines of 'Bob needs to be a little more confident when speaking in a group situation' is a suitable thing to put. No worries, if not, I'm sure the head will have me in the office and tell me off - quite used to it by now! [​IMG]
  18. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    Almost finished. Having a beer (or 2). The trouble is I keep thinking of a good way to say what I want to put on a report and need to write it down before I lose my train of thought. I hope I don't wake up at all hours with the urge to write my thoughts down. I might have to though because I know I won't remember in the morning.[​IMG]
  19. Got most of the subject banks for different levels to write and about 16 general comments! Then need to re-read them. Need some motivation.
  20. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I think it helps that we only have to do comments for Lit, Num, Sci and ICT (cut and paste with a small bit of modifying), then a small general comments box of about 6-8 lines!
    Oh, and I had some of those children last year. Fortunately, this year they're all quite good. [​IMG]

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