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Discussion in 'Assessment' started by crezcastle, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. im an NQT and was wondering how you find reports manageable for the end of the academic year. do you start them early and wade through them bit by bit???
    also which style of report does your school use? anyone use incerts???
  2. Hi,
    I work at Incerts so although I'm not exactly impartial, I have worked with a few hundred schools to help them with their reports. Incerts definitely makes report writing easier but it's a whole-school solution to assessment rather than a report-writer. You track the progress of the children formatively then our system uses that information to:
    • identify next steps for invidividual children, groups and classes to inform planning;
    • level the children for term-on-term tracking; and
    • complete 80% of your end-of-year reports so that teachers just need to personalise them.
    As far as a dedicated report writer goes, Report Assist (http://www.reportassist.com) is almost ubiquitous in primary schools but fairly unpopular. At the BETT show earlier this year I saw a stand for Elementary Reports (http://elementaryreports.com) but have yet to talk to a school using it.

    Ultimately, when it comes to writing reports there's a trade-off between the amount of time a teacher spends on them and the quality of the reports. We've tried to spread that workload over the entire year but if you take a more traditional approach then you should probably discuss with the senior leadership in your school what the level of expectation is.
  3. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for mentioning our program (Elementary Reports). BETT was pretty good. :)
    We have just over 30 schools using the program at present. We have just started to get feedback from teachers using the program. Here is a link:
    Your right about Report Assist, its strange why schools aren't trying
    to find an alternative - especially since they keep having to pay each
    year to keep it up to date/bug free!
    Elementary Reports is different, in that we don't charge for updates or support - a school just pays for the software once. This means that we dare not 'locked in' to just updating the program once per year - we do updates as soon as new features are added or a problem detected and fixed.
    For individuals we do two types of licence - a yearly 'subscription' licence that costs about £20 (of free with TrialPay), or an unlimited subscription licence that costs about £60.
    There are video demos of the program online here:
    The demos show things like the PasteAI function - this tracks student specific keywords so that the teacher doesn't need to check after pasting from one student to another.
    There is a free demo download (along with full install instructions) at:
    Please check it out, if you don't like a specific feature or its 'missing something' then get back to us and we will see what we can do about it. :)
    - Anthony
  4. We have just launched a free online report generator that may help you at
    There is no charge to use the system and comments are all shared, meaning new and fresh comments are added all the time.
    We'd welcome you all to take a look.
  5. dalton

    dalton New commenter

    beano_dandy, i seem to be having a problem, i've registered but i cant log onto the system, can you help

  6. Hello

    We've just launched a new website for UK primary schools - http://www.reportbox.com

    It's an online report writer so there is no software to install and you can get started immediately.

    It's been designed in collaboration with teachers and it has got lots of clever little features to make report writing easier.

    You can use your own comments and template. Alternatively, you can design a template within the system.

    We're really proud of it and it has received some great feedback from teachers.

  7. This tool has interesting functions to minimise typos:
    Does the usual statement bank editing and auto replace of name, she/he, his/her etc. Plus has a handy feature where you can create drop-down lists for things like achievement levels and project titles and include them in your comments. This means you do less editing and hence make fewer mistakes. It's free to register and give it a go and works entirely online.
  8. I've noticed that a lot of the posts on TES are by people mis-representing themselves by pretending to be teachers when all they do is dishonestly spam the whole forum with links to the same programs - they obviously are working fro the same companies!!! After this would you trust such a program with your reports?

    Check this out for yourself... Click the number next to the 'posts' text and look at what else they have written on the forum!

    I wrote ReportComplete, it used to be called ElementaryReports. It has all the usual features: statement banks, group writer, full editor, online backups, etc... it also has pronoun tracking (not just a simple pronoun search and replace that others seem to have)... I make regular updates based on user feedback that can be installed by clicking an update button from within the program.

    There is also a spin off version called ReportPlus that is especially for ex-ReportAssist users. It has the same views as ReportAssist but is like a completely new re-write fixing all the old problems you may have had with ReportAssist. Most of the same support staff who worked at ReportAssist now work at ReportPlus!

    Both programs have been updated for the new 2012 EYFS framework and are available for single users or whole schools.

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