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Reports Unit Year 3 Weather - Lesson Observation!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missohsobrilliant, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. I have an observation next Monday and I am going to teach Literacy. I am teaching the non-fiction unit Reports and was just wondering if anyone could give me any inspirational ideas as I always find non-fiction units tricky! Our topic this term is "Weather" and I thought it would be nice to link the unit in with this. I have arranged for a visit from a BBC weather man the day after and children will get chance to report on blue screen. (purpose for writing) The ideas I have so far (are a bit flat on the ground!) are to get the children to use differentiated maps of the UK to decide on the weather for their report. We will also look at some weather reports from the BBC and take notes on things the people do/say. Discuss in topic language of north, south, east, west for when they are moving around the map and link this to work - stretch MAP's by NW, SE, SW etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! It would be great to hear from another Y3 teacher who has used weather for this unit before. Many thanks.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I want the children to have collected their vocab and be starting to use their vocab too. "select and use a range of technical and descriptive vocabulary" is the objective. I thought the children could choose words they thought they MIGHT hear and then add to their own word bank with words they DID hear in a weather report. Would like the children to start to compose their sentences for their report as well. "showing relationships of time - subordination and connectives" as think this would show progress best? Again as I said always seem to get a bit of a blank when it comes to non-fiction not my strong point at all. I also need to be thinking about MAP's as this was the target from my most recent observation.

    Then look at 'How' you are going to ensure you provide the tools for that learning to take place.'How' will you measure their progress? - I must admit this is the part I am struggling with - hence coming on here and asking for advice

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