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Reports -How long does it take you to write them.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by alwaysthere, May 23, 2011.

  1. That time of year has come and I was wondering how long does it take people to write a set of reports ?. I don't want to spend days and days next week but often use most of my half term to get them done.
  2. Tell me about it!!! The first one's usually take the longest and then as I go down my class list I tend to get quicker and quicker. On average though, I suppose they take about 30 mins each. Is that about right?? It would be interesting to see how long others spend on theirs!
  3. It feels like forever! I tend to write all my maths comments then all the reading comments etc so not really sure how long it takes to write just 1 in full. I tend to spend about 20/30 minutes to write a group of around 6 children for one subject.
    This seems quite slow compared to yours though.
  4. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    I've done 6 so far. It must've taken six hours! I'm so slow compared to some people. I'm using Report Writer for the first time with a bank of my own pre-prepared comments... but it feels no quicker than usual to be honest.
    They are so boring but so important to get right.
    I normally get the house spotless, ironing done, chickens cleaned out and hoovered the car as a distraction to having to write the next report.
    Good luck on getting through them.
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  5. I 'book' a report day in 1/2 term. I start at 7am, stop for lunch and dinner (1 hour each) and they are all done that day. Usually it's a late finish, but it's SO worth it to get them out of the way! :0) 12-14 hours for 30.
  6. Ladykaza

    Ladykaza Senior commenter

    We use report king but even then I reckon, once you include setting it up, proof reading and printing I still take an hour a report. Maybe I'm slow?
  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Yes 12-14 hours all done for me as well. I do mine overnight the day before they are due in. I like deadlines and would just faff about if I tried to start sooner.

    My school has dead easy reports to write though. Comments and targets for English, Maths and Science and just tick boxes for the rest.

    I write comments for those in my maths set, but not in my class whenever the other teacher wants them, generally a fortnight or so before the deadline. Then I just get home from work, have supper and get on with it the night before. Generally start about 7pm and finish at 7am. Wouldn't work for everyone but it does for me.
  8. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I think my issue is starting them off! I don't want to keep writing "So and so has made good progress in..." each time, so until I can work out what to say instead of that... I can't start! haha!
  9. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    How long it takes me from when I say I've started, or how long it takes me when I actually sit down to write them?!

  10. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    15 minutes per child, because I keep a set of template reports from the previous year and just cut and paste in this year's class names. Divide class into low, middle, high and write 3 sets of reports. Use this set as your template each year, you just have to waffle in the comments box at the end, and even that can be cut and pasted for so many (.... needs to concentrate and listen carefully to instructions. Damien CAN behave responsibly, but often chooses to attempt to entertain his friends instead, resulting in little work and much mayhem....)
    You have to keep in mind that parents spend about 4 minutes reading your carefully honed words. It's not worth the sweat.
  11. I seem to take ages!!! Definitely more than a day so not making effective use of my time! Each subject needs a full comment though (Lit, Maths, ICT, Science, CFL, Geog, HIst, RE, Humanities, Gen comment...). I find things like ICT harder to write individual comments for as many children seem to work at the same level. Occasionally there will be one that stands out but that is rare. I'm doing them at the moment and my brain just goes to mush, they're so dull!!!

    I have used comments from previous years but feel like they don't fit the child exactly so spend longer altering them, and then feel like I'm cheating!!!

    I know some teachers in school use bank of previous comments and get them done very quickly...they don't get any complaints....thinking of using this tactic x
  12. Well, weeks! I usually start in the Easter holidays and we have to have reports completed by about mid May so they can be checked by management then copied to go out at the beginning of June. Some colleagues start earlier. (Being Scottish) we have to write a language and maths comment then one that encompasses health, PE and PSD then another that includes art, rme, drama, music...what have i missed out?! We also have to have our children write a 'magic moment' ie. best thing to happen in the year then say what they want to learn the following year.
  13. 2 to 3 hours per child. There are several pages and we don't use set phrases or a comment bank, so each has to be typed individually.[​IMG]
  14. I have my own set of report statement banks that I've used in 3 different schools. Still takes time though as you've got to get everything into the pre-set layout.
    Fortunately, for me, my reports this year took zero time - supply!!
    However I do sympathise with you all as I know full well this half-term is usually taken up writing them. I'm gonna make the most of it as next year will be a different story for me.
    It depends on the school too. Personally, I don't like Report Writer. At least my statement banks can be tweaked when necessary.
  15. I'm so glad someone else takes this long, I easily spend 2-3 hrs per child, it takes all of my half term and eats into 4 weeks of term time when u include all the corrections!
  16. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I'm not aiming to criticise, but I'm frankly amazed at the amount of time spent on reports by some posters. 2-3 hours per child seems like quite a common occurrence! So, up to 90 hours for a class of thirty then! Wow!
    The question I have to ask is that is all of this effort worth it?
    What purpose do reports serve? Do they actually make any difference? Or, is the difference they make worth spending this sort of time on doing them?
    Do they tell parents anything they don't know already? Surely a good teacher will have made parents aware of anything they need to know or act upon well before the reports are issued? Moreover, surely a teacher who didn't inform a parent of any concerns until reports were issued would have failed spectacularly?
    Do the parents who are supportive of their child's education already know and do enough that make these reports a little redundant? Is there any point in providing the unsupposrtive parents with information that they are unlikely to act upon anyway?
    Also, is there any real point in issuing reports that tell parents what their child can do? Would it not make more sense to tell parents what they should be able to do, but can't?

    I suppose it's obvious from the above what my thoughts are, but I'm amazed that no-one ever seems to question any of this, and accepts that they're seemingly extremely important.
    Am I alone in this?

  17. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Reposted the above as a seperate thread...
  18. I agree with you nick. We have complained that our reports are far too long, even with most of us copying and pasting in groups. The parents have complained that they are far too long. Yet SMT don't listen and carry on issuing the same reports!
    I am very jealous of friends who write reports that consist of a literacy, maths and personal statement and then numbers for effort and attainment in everything else!
  19. Forgot to add....spending 2-3 hours on one report is absolulely ridiculous!
  20. We have seperate comment boxes for every subject - but my Hist/Geog/Art/Dt/Pe/Music/ICT boxes just have general comments about what we have been doing that year, and the level of passion/ability the child has for it. Usually theyre all working at a pretty similar level so these boxes are the same for most children - unless they have a particularly talent or aversion for a subject.
    My Maths/Lit are copy and pasted paragraphs altered for HA/MA/LA - I then tweak these for individual children. Then each has a general comments box which I write from scratch.
    I do all the HA girls first, then MA girls, then LA girls...using the find and replace function for names. Then I do the same with boys, using the find and replace function for names and also to change him - her, her - his, he-she, etc. Im a quick typer and know my way around MSWord so even though they're quite long reports they probably take me about 15 minutes each. I've done 10 already by doing a few each night last week.
    I find the proof reading the most tedious bit.
    I was talking to a colleague yesterday who said she writes each subject box individually for each child - but I dont understand why as at the age of 5 nearly every single child has the same ability level and level of interest in things like history, music, PE. I comment if they are different to the norm, but dont see the point in rephrasing something to say exactly the same thing.

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