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Reports - An Alternative Angle

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nick909, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Whilst spending the bulk of my half-term going through the usual nonsense of painting a pointlessly positive spin on every child's achievements and behavioural qualities for their annual reports that most parents will barely read, save for the personal comments, I've been wondering:
    What on Earth is the point in telling parents all of the things that little Johnny or Jemima can do in the various curriculum areas?
    Wouldn't it make a hell of a lot more sense to tell the parents what they can't do, so that they might consider addressing the issue themselves?
    For example:
    "Despite the continued, daily efforts of a TA and his class teacher and being in possession of a full set of fingers, Johnny still has absolutely no idea about number bonds to ten, which is quite frankly, rather alarming for a child of 10 years, so if you'd help out with this, now and again, it would be most appreciated".
    That sort of thing, you know?
    What would you like to be able to put in reports?
  2. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    When I've finished the yearly report slog, I usually pick one child from my class and write the 100% honest report I would like to have written. It's incredibly therapeutic after weeks spent trying to phrase everything about them in a positive light.

    Just have to be careful I don't send that one home by mistake...
  3. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    I tend to write my reports honestly although in the most tactful way I can. Has led to a couple of irate parents.
    Comments include 'Jonny needs to learn to channel his agression into more constructive activities'
    and 'despite Jonny having a disproportionate amount of the adults' time in class, he continues to disrupt the other children's learning and has made very little progress himself'.
    Takes a bit of time to write my reports....
  4. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    I'm with you on the theraputic thing. I choose one of my most challenging students and type into his report format exactly what I think and what I really want to tell the parents, expletives and all. Of course I then delete it. One day it'll catch me out.
  5. I will always remember my first year of writing reports, having never seen or written one before. Handed them in, and within a week they were given back for me to censure - I was told not to be that honest. Did make me wonder why we write them at all! [​IMG]

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