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Reporting the August exam results

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by brazenhussy, May 12, 2010.

  1. Last year August was a nightmare. We got into a mess with sims. It was 'upgraded' so called, but that meant that some things stopped working and the techs weren't in school to help. We had subjects missing from the print outs and I ended up spending hours doing calculations to work out the A-Cs etc. We got them wrong and the papers printed them like that. The LA wants a load more data this year. Pupils disapplied statistically (not sure how to handle that), APS with 5A-Cs, science higher grades,one MFL higher etc.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for how we can do all this stuff without hassle?
  2. TonyM19

    TonyM19 Occasional commenter

    Anybody usd this and willing to share their experience?
  3. frymeariver

    frymeariver New commenter

    They are offering a six-week free trial at the moment, which I have signed up for, so I am going to use it with last year's exam results to see if it is any good before committing to purchasing it for this year.
  4. We bought this in September to play with last year results. It will print reports on each subject taken, very different to Raiseonline. Some new features have been added since then which I still need to explore. Our data manager has got the hang of it and likes it. She has put the Y10 and 11 grades in which is useful to see ahead rather than backwards.She is using it in preference to spreadsheets at the moment.We aim to use it in the Summer as it will take the results out of sims and produce reports with very little effort.
  5. I have been using 4matrix for a week on a free trial. From what I have had time to see so far it looks very good. I managed to get our exam results and teaching groups out of SIMS in the first half hour of using it. You can also paste in your current Y11 grades. It produces a report on each subject by choosing a button called 'comments'. It calculates the residuals for any group you select from a 'research' section.

    I would recommend trying it. They send you a code as soon as you email them. Our systems manager liked it which is a miracle.

  6. TonyM19

    TonyM19 Occasional commenter

    Thanks for the responses so far. Could anybody give me an idea of the cost (for a 700 student school)?
  7. I was quoted £643.50 if we started the free trial before June 11th. Usual price is £780 for any size school.
  8. We use 4matrix in our school and as a new AHT I have been given it as my responsibilty. At my last school I did everything with spreadsheets. This system does a lot of this and some neat things I can't do. The residual graphs it produces are excellent for looking at pupil progress. It calculates residuals for every class or any group you select yourself. This used to take me ages to do.
    I have put my year 10 and 11 pupils grades in. It will analyse next year's results in advance. The support they give is impressive. I had a problem and they took over my computer and sorted it out in minutes.
    I have been asked to talk about it at our next Leadership Development Group meeting in our consortium of schools. I would recommend having a look at it if there is a free trial on.
  9. Will it report the results as a press release?
    i.e. all the information that we have to pull together for reporting to the LA and newspapers?
    If it will do this on results day then it would be extremely useful.
  10. It will produce your headline A-C grades, capped and uncapped points scores etc. and a table about the performance of each subject plus a report for each subject comparing residuals of boy/girl, high and low ability, ethnic groups etc and a few other things I can't remember without looking at it again.
    I have asked the company about a report in the exact form that our LA has asked for and they tell me it will be in the next update. I have sent them several suggestions since we started using this last year and they have put each of them into the software which I think is a great response. A useful thing is being able to add missing subjects - we lost BTECs last year.
    It is a very nice tool to use when you get into it. HoDs are playing with it now year 11 are away and a couple of those are really into it.
  11. They are doing a free trial. You can use it in August for nothing.
    Google 4Matrix and you will find the page.
  12. Apologies for what is clearly a commercial response, but I wished to thank the contributors to this thread for providing useful details to anyone thinking of how they will process their exam results on August 24th.

    The 4Matrix application has a 'Press Release' feature which will produce your headline totals in less than an hour of receiving the EDI examination data. It involves automatic extraction of your data from SIMS, or pasting in your results from a spreadsheet. It will cope with full discounting rules, disapplied pupils, and capped and uncapped results.
    It will also produce comprehensive reports on the performance of every subject and every teaching group.

    There is a free trial at the moment so you can try 4Matrix with the August results at no cost. It is inexpensive if you wish to continue to use it beyond August. There is a one minute video to show how it will work in August at www.4matrix.org/exams
  13. No apologies needed. We signed up for the free trial last week and it looks good. We use CMIS which I find very limited for the analysis that I need to do. This software takes the hard work out of pulling out the data. Lots of functions built in that will replace things I have to use excel for. Looking forward to understanding it more and using it in August.

  14. Thanks for all the great ideas. Into hols now so not much chance to do anything new.
    Our IT guy has turned down my suggestions so it will be back to the chaos we had last year I expect. Compared to that video what we've got is complete rubbish. He spent ages messing about and the spreadsheet he produced was full of mistakes. Oh well, at least I can enjoy the rest and not think about it for a while.
  15. Thanks for all the great ideas. Into hols now so not much chance to do anything new.
    Our IT guy has turned down my suggestions so it will be back to the chaos we had last year I expect. Compared to that video what we've got is complete rubbish. He spent ages messing about and the spreadsheet he produced was full of mistakes. Oh well, at least I can enjoy the rest and not think about it for a while.
  16. Hi Brazen. You can get the 4matrix system free. you can download it to your laptop and connext to your network log into SIMS and it will do all your reports for you. Let your IT chap do things his way as well. Dont let your techies make you ineffiecient.When the head sees what it can do he will want to see it loaded on the network and let everyone see their department's reports. It shows how every teaching group performs. Really powerful. the trial lasts until next term. No point in not doing it.
  17. BUT you can get this all out of SIMS anyway without buying new software - the Exams Analysis module is really simple to get the headlines out.
  18. If only. I need the basic stats into a spreadsheet so I can check how the totals are worked out. We have some odd combinations of subject that add to the count that need to be done by hand as far as I know plus early entries. I also need to work out RPI for every teaching group so we can set new subject and teacher targets for our first subject leaders meeting. Governors want early reports from every subject leader because we are expecting a revisit this term. I have got spreadsheets from last year for most of this but I know it will take ages to do it again with the new results. Let me know if you have an easier way of doing this.
  19. Dear brazenhussy,

    The easiest way to do this is to use 4Matrix.
    It will produce a GCSE summary report for every student, a Press Release, and performance reports for every subject - usually within the hour.

    See www.4matrix.org/reports to see what the reports look like.

    You can do all this under a free trial at www.4matrix.org/trial which can be set up immediately.

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