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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Janepet, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know what's happened to ReportAssist? We want to upgrade but don't get any response.

  2. From what I know the company does not exisit anymore don't know if they have fallen to the credit crunch but I know our school says we won't be able to use it this year.
  3. Your school should contact ReportPlus Limited - see www.reportplus.co.uk
    They have a program that looks very similar to ReportAssist, it even imports ReportAssist files - so the 'new software' learning curve is reduced. Some of the support staff from ReportAssist are working there too if you need phone support!
    You get the same icon strip across the top of the program (but with modern graphics), the view button shows the same views in the same layouts, etc.
    But you should find that the interface looks more modern and it's closer to standard windows programs than the old ReportAssist. It's much faster and more 'fluid'.
    The extra good news is that it uses the Elementary Reports 'engine', so you also have smart cut and paste, statement history (stops you entering the same statement twice), statement search, optional U3 installation, 35000 word statement bank(!!!), etc
  4. Thanks. I was wondering, does reportplus import the reportassist statements too? The reason we used reportassist is because we liked the statements (particularly the early years)
  5. It's statement bank is 3x bigger than ReportPlus, about 35,000 statements in total (so far!). If you have created your own statements or added favourites in ReportAssist then it will import them as favourites.
    If you download the demo from the ReportPlus.co.uk website you can use the ReportAssist 'wizard' to import all your ReportAssist page settings and subject layout. Don't worry, the import doesn't change any original ReportAssist files. After this you can browse the statement bank.
    tip: To see even more statements, click the 'tree' icon (just under the favourite icon) on the left of the statement area - this will bring up even more hidden statements.
    tip 2: If you go to favourites (click the heart), then enter something like 'viking' in the search box at the bottom it will search all the statements and show you any that have the word 'viking' in them.
  6. I take it you mean reportplus has 35,000 statements? That sounds like a lot. I did feel that even ReportAsist had a few too many at times. I suppose I'm more familar with them so was hoping I wouldn't have to relearn everything. Hey ho...
  7. Oops! Yes, statements.
    Most of the statemenst are as you would remember, but if you click the tree icon (just below the favourites heart) then it will switch to a different mode that shows much more.
    Download the demo and take a look, it should be familiar.
    - Anthony
  8. Thanks Anthony you've been really helpful. It looks just like reportassist!
    Jane : )
  9. Thanks Jane, but you forgot to add ', but better!' - lol! :D
  10. I'm glad to say he is wrong. :)
    Some of the old ReportAssist support employees now work at ReportPlus, that is the only connection.
    I don't think anyone had any problems with the support at ReportAssist, in fact the support was so good that most people forgave the problems they had with the program!
    The ReportPlus program is actually a specially licenced version of Elementary Reports (my program) that has a special 'font-end' that looks similar to ReportAssist. So now you get the best of both worlds - a great program and a great support team. ;)

  11. We used Elementary Reports last year and, like janepet with ReportAssist, I am used to their statements and don't particularly want to go rooting around through yet more statements (sorry) to find what I want. Have you added more this year and if so, are they all mixed up with the ones already there or are they in a different section?
  12. No problem, just click the Tree icon mentioned before and you will see the Elementary Reports statements in a format thats familiar to you. The new statements have been added so that they are contained within branches of the statement tree (same as a different section?).
    We are actually having to add MORE statements to cope with the NPF, in the tree mode these are just extra high level branches - in the folder mode (like ReportAssist) there is a button to turn NPF on or off.
    If you have a favourite set of statements you should really add them to your favourites. ;) To add to favourites, right-click the statement then click 'add to favourites'.
    There is also a search facility to find statements in any of the stament banks, its located at the bottom of favourites - just type something in the search bar (eg, vikings) and then click 'find'.
  13. I think I meant the special font end you referred to earlier. I get the branch bit but what is a special font end?
  14. I'm guessing that was a typo and he means special front end, not font end, and is referring to the new part of elementary reports that looks like reportassist and contains the new reportassist statements. I think that's right anyway?
    Marks out of 10 Anthony? ; )
  15. 10 / 10 !!! Top marks. ;)
    The front-end is the bit of the program that the user can see and use. The team at ReportPlus wanted a front-end that would allow users of ReportAssist to be as familiar as possible with the program. The main difference between the two systems is not the actual program - it's the user licence, price and support system. If you want yearly support/updates for a low annual price then go with ReportPlus.
  16. Cool! it's a long time since I've been awarded top marks! : ) : ) : )
    Jane x
  17. tuffpup29

    tuffpup29 New commenter

    Just wish it would support Apple Mac's with out having to use an emulation program or dual booting - both of which would require us purchasing Windows (yuk!) and possibly an emulation program.
  18. There are plans for a Mac (OSX x86) version. I will be working on it this summer, can't make any promises for when it will be ready.

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