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Report Writing Software

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ledgertron, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    We need to update our report writing software - We've been using Report Assist for donkeys years now, and its time we moved on to something more up to date.

    Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.

  2. Hi,
    I hope you don't mind a reply from a company that has made a report-writing product? Please take a look at ReportBox - www.reportbox.com - an online system that I think is easier to use than Report Assist, particularly the set up. As it is online, sharing comments between teachers is easy, there is no need to install software on every laptop, and it works on Macs too if that is what people prefer to use at home. Report Assist can get a bit slow, especially working over a network as the database grows, so ReportBox takes a lot of those issues away.
    In summary, with ReportBox you can:
    - Customise to your school and curriculum
    - Add hundreds of pupils and all your teachers to the system in minutes
    - Cut proof reading time – spell checks at every stage, automatic gender identification
    - No software to install on laptops – everything is online and secure
    - Share your comment banks with other teachers in your school easily – spot an error in a comment and it changes on all reports
    - Use progress tools to clearly show how much work is still to be done
    - Adapt templates that make creating your preferred layout simple
    Feel free to get in touch with us via the website if you have any questions, or send us an email at hello@reportbox.com. We are giving readers of the TES boards 10% off if they sign up before the end of May 2012 with the discount code RBOXE4.
    Kind regards,
  3. I wrote both ReportComplete and ReportPlus. ReportPlus is the better one for your school as it has the same support staff that ReportAssist had.

    With ReportPlus 2013 you can import your old layout, you can view and copy from your old reports, the layout is similar but brought up to date, the learning curve for your teachers is reduced because they will be familiar with it.

    It has all the usual features your teachers are used to and supports the new 2012 EYFS framework brought in September.

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