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Report Writing Bank of Statements in WORD

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Opera Diva, May 1, 2010.

  1. forestje

    forestje New commenter

    Thank you for this. It provides some very useful starting points.
  2. T34

    T34 Lead commenter

    Here are a few more, borrowed from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/7555396/School-reports-in-a-class-of-their-own.html

    “Rugby: Hobbs has useful speed when he runs in the right direction.”

    “The tropical forests are safe when John enters the woodwork room, for
    projects are small and progress is slow.”

    “The stick and carrot must be very much in evidence before this
    donkey decides to exert itself.”

    “French is a foreign language to Fowler.”

    “For this pupil all ages are dark.”

    “Henry Ford once said history is bunk. Yours most certainly is.”

    “About as energetic as an absentee miner.”

    “He has given me a new definition of stoicism: he grins and I bear it.”

    “The improvement in his handwriting has revealed his inability to

    “He has an overdeveloped unawareness.”

    “At least his education hasn’t gone to his head.”

    “Give him the job and he will finish the tools.”

    “Unlike the poor, Graham is seldom with us.”

    “Would be lazy but for absence.”

    “This boy does not need a Scripture teacher. He needs a missionary.”

    OperaDiva's statements are also available in my freebie report-writing program (Inform Standalone) at www.plvideo,com

  3. An interesting 120 downloads since I posted. Glad they are useful. Thank you.
  4. They're fantastic! Thank you for taking time to upload. Should make it all a bit less of a nightmare. :)
  5. Go for it!
  6. Just downloaded it after a quick flick through - wow!!
    Must have taken ages to compile, many thanks x

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