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Report on an issue or problem with a sport or PE Curriculum - Help Please!

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by kmjsoton, May 12, 2011.

  1. For an assignment on my Sports degree I have to report on an issue or problem with a sport or PE curriculum.

    I want to focus on the KS3/KS4 new National Curriculum for Physical Education and focus on the sport swimming as well.

    Could anyone give me some good sites or journals or HE books to refer to please?

    Could anyone also give me their opinions and ideas so I can look them up?

  2. Thrust, twist, disembowel! Ooh, gogo, you thruster, you.
    You'll get no help on these threads kmjsoton - not why we are here.
    That would be 'how to occupy loads of kids who have 'forgotten' their kit while the conscientious few paddle up and down...
    Though if you want to look into 'why isn't every bloody school in England playing rugby for eight periods a day?', that might be an interesting assignment.
    Because they bloody well should be!
    I have only been to libraries to use the photocopiers. [​IMG]

  3. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    This is a continuation of the 80's in schools. Targets/league tables were introduced along with more 'child centred learning' <strike>bollocks</strike>
    Consequently teachers began doing everything for kids, spoon feeding them, almost rewriting essays for them. I think things are pretty similar now.
    Now we have a nation of twenty somethings who expect to do the same at University. My borther works as a professor and is gobsmacked at the helplessness and laziness of many of his students, particularly those from state schools.
    he faces such a lot of 'cut, rejig and paste' otherwise known as Cr&P. Even with the internet people struggle.
    Sorry OP, but a number of the people who may help you are 'old school' (nothing wrong with that I might add) and worked hard to get their qualifications. We also had to use proper books and libraries and physically travel to get this info, not do it from behind a laptop.
    Yes I am being harsh, yes I am being unsympathetic and unhelpful.
    You are not the first and probably not the last to post such a thread.
    DIY doesnt only apply to house projects. So DIY.[​IMG]
  4. Excuse me???

    My question was is there anyone who thinks there have been any issues or problems with the new NCPE since it was implemented and know of any other research apart form my own that you could suggest? (e.g. a newspaper article you saw or results from your own school)

    Ask before you judge.

    I am a top student at my University and this so called Cr&P is called plagerism for which I have taken no part in. Ever!
  5. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    I wasn't accusing you of plagiarism, I was describing what happens based on factual evidence. I was commenting on a general lack of initiative and willingness to do ones own groundwork with younger people/students these days based on my own and other's experiences.
    Regards asking for advice about similar research, shouldn't you be asking your Uni mentor (or whatever it is called these days)?(??)
  6. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    KMJ please tell me you didn't complain to the moderators and get GGJ's comment removed.
  7. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    .... and FP's initial comment? also removed after complaint?
  8. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Looks like they have!
  9. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Top student?
    My top students find information themselves and don't expect others to do the work for them.
    You are obviously not aware of the many who come here wanting research info, journal articles etc.
    If you use Google you can research thousands of opinions on the NCPE and get lots of information.
  10. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Handbags at dawn.
    At no point have I been nasty. I have simply said to go and find the work for yourself.
    Plenty of time to make Google and the library your friend.
    Am I part time? I have two jobs which make me full time.
  11. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    The first post basically said if I should write the assignment for them.
    On here me, Stopwatch and plenty of others will offer advice to people looking for jobs and try to put the PE world to rights. But when people come on asking for research information, links, books etc then the it's a case of 'shouldn't you be doing that yourself.' I had to write all my assignments and get all the info, only fair you should do the same.
    And if one post kicks you off then I would hate to see you with a class of 30 reluctant PE students when 20 have forgotten their kit.
  12. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    In support of kmj, who has only come here for some opinions, not to be ripped apart by some old school pe teachers who probably still teach PE like it was taught in the 80's or maybe the 60's?. So i will give you my opinion on current NCPE, i feel even though it changed to allow more freedom of what is taught, it allowed for more roles to be taken by pupils, coach, umpire, leader etc. However it is still up to the PE dept and teachers what is taught, so although many adapted their pe curriculum, some schools merely made what was already being taught fit with the new NCPE, this is a problem. As traditonal sports are not for everyone! and when you speak to most people if they enjoyed PE at school their answer is no, mainly because of this.
  13. If I may add afemale take on this to stop you boys getting all angsty!!
    KMJ - there have always been a slew of people coming here and asking for others to give them 'ideas' on how to complete an assignment. Lots even ask for a copy of someone elses works "not to copy but to give me some ideas"!
    Those of us over 40 have a horror of this as we regularly teach students who 'borrow' information of the net and hand it in. Worse we teach those wh, whilts fully FB literate, cannot search out decent (non wiki) information and use it to improve their own learning.
    After a couple of years teaching it sinks in to all teachers - students are simply getting more and more dependent on being told what the answer is. The student who is prepared (either by skill or inclination) to search out info that is not in the textbook or class notes is very rare, it seems.
    I teach A Level PE and have just finished marking the coursework for A2. Only 2 students used the net properly. The others produced opinions instead of textbook sporting models, could not analyse performance - despite beingg told that word 'perfect' was not allowable many wrote such tripe as "Morn Stey produces the perfect whatever" as their justification for him being included - no actual model of a skill being offered is usual in at least the first 2 or 3 drafts. And don't even ask about the use of sport science theories.....
    So if we (and I include myself) refuse to offer idea and instead admonish those who seem to be asking for someone to give them info they could easily look up for themselves you will simply have to forgive us! We are jaded due to student indifference!
    Had you put foreward a specific question we would probably have lept on it and argued until you became utterly bored - or desperately wished you had not bothered. But we just don't like general questions that include assignment questions and a plea for help!
    Perhaps you could do just that! Find something you would like to discuss in detail and come back and ask a specific question about our experiences!!
    I am almost certain we would respond more positively!
  14. Oh, and sport22 - I hope you come back to your 'old teachers' comment after a couple of years and blush!
    Some of us remain enthusiastic despite having quantifiable proof of student apathy! I now have to supply every word on every topic to all students or they simply cannot complete any work.
    I havea Moodle site that is stocked full of easy to find and use information that most students completely ignore until a week before the exam.
    In our latest student survey almost every student complained that they were not given a revision book. They have a textbook, my classroom notes and worksheets and a website full of powerpoints and links to websites with supporting evidence AND a revision booklet that goes from GCSE reminder info up to exam questions and analysis for every topic taught! I show them each booklet as we complete the topic and remind them weekly - uptake is absolutely dire!
    The only trouble is that I didn't print it all out and give it to them... and they appear to be pathalogically incapable of doing so for themselves!
    And no I won't print them out - I won't waste that much paper and my time and I want them to do it for themselves - it's called becoming an independent learner! They have to learn how to DIY it at some point, and I firmly believe thet FE is that point - or do you expect them to suddenly wake up one day knowing how to do it when they get to university??
  15. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    I have been teaching PE for 31 years now (so started in the early 80's). Despite being overseas for the last 10 years I have kept generally up to date as well as constantly re-appraising what my department are doing both curricular and extra curricular.
    I would put a bet on the fact that the achievements and standards the (primary) children my department and I teach and coach far excels anything seen in the vast majority of primary schools in UK.
    KMJ hasn't come for opinions (though he/she portrays it as this), he/she has come expecting things to be done for him/her.
    His/her initial question was clumsy and vague. Very difficult to respond to.
  16. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Only some opinions? Lets look at what they wanted:
    Could anyone give me some good sites or journals or HE books to refer to please? Could anyone also give me their opinions and ideas so I can look them up? Thanks
    I make that:
    1. Websites
    2. Journals
    3. Higher ed books
    4. Opinions
    5. Ideas
    Which brings me back to my orginal comments of 'shall I just do the assignment for you.'
  17. Astounded that gogo and Stoppers were called nasty pieces of work and I didn't get a mention!
    Must try harder.

  18. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    Totally agree with both your points the pobble! My point is that if someone asks for some ideas can we just not help a bit!? I don't see people asking for ideas on this forum a lot so that's why I said what I said! Things have changed, obviously not what they used to be, so I how do you suggest we get pupils to become more independent? Clearly a society problem! Don't get me wrong worked with alot of "older" pe staff many excellent, quite a lot stuck in their ways though! Maybe that's just how it is! I just didn't like how people attacked the op.
  19. I didn't attack the poster, but then I was a lazy shister at college...
    I am not stuck in my ways but I have cheated, sort of. Some schools allow you to really get on with your job. I am at such a school and I am allowed to try new things with the kids (that might not read particularly well... [​IMG])
    I thought the OP was looking to get out of a bit of research - could be wrong but that's how it looked to me. Hope that isn't seen as an attack.
    If the OP or Sport22 end up at 'our' place, they are going to have to get used to working with the elderly...in a big way!

  20. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    I'm not old.
    On teaching practice I worked with a 60 year old teacher for rugby. Brilliant sessions, can't beat 40+ years of knowledge and practice.
    And nobody attacked the OP. They wanted journal articles and everything. Had they just asked 'what are your views on the new PE NC' then we might have had a noce discussion. But they didn't and then they displayed a bad attitude in return. Some people can laugh off sarcasm, others report it and get into a tizz.

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