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Report Interference

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by messiah, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. I, too, work in a private school and they are VERY tight on totally correct grammar, spelling etc, Our reports are checked by us (+ partners/spouses) then by the form tutor, then the Head and at each stage might come back to us for correction. But it is WE who are expected to make the change, and on occasions I have disagreed with their opinion of grammar etc and have said so. Sometimes I am right :p. It seems a bit much that the wording can be changed without your agreement, especially if they are going out with your name attached. Have you discussed this with other staff? Bring it up in a staff meeting?
    PS. You've done very well to get them all done in 10 hours!!
  2. kristaltina

    kristaltina New commenter

    I would bring it up at a staff meeting....if they existed! I have been there almost two years and never been invited to one.
    The same checks, you have described, are carried out on normal subject comments but for form tutor comments its the tutor and the head of year that check them over.
    I'm actually leaving at the end of the year and i'm not sure its worth making a fuss about it. However, i am so annoyed i'm not sure i'll be able to keep my mouth shut in the morning...... even after a good nights sleep....i have managed to stop myself sending an email already which probably would have landed me in grief.

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