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Report Hell!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sarahg1976, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Sent out the children's reports on Friday. As I have recently started a maternity cover, the previous teacher had written the bulk of the reports, All the foundation subjects, Higher group Literacy and Numeracy and half class general comments.

    All I had to do was finish off other bits of Lit. and Num. and add a few childrens general comments.

    OMG!!! This morning knew something was up when the parallel teacher stopped talking to her TA when I entered the room. Then first reply slip from a parent with mention of a mistake. (written with good humour) Then next reply slip pointing out mistake and asking for a correct copy... and so it continued.
    One childs parent (who happens to be a DH!) had highlighted all of the mistakes, then scanned and emailed the school.Two members of staff who's children in my class had also highlighted the errors to my DH (although done out of kindness to warn of potential problems).
    Turns out that the foundation subjects all had spelling mistakes, typo's, grammar mistakes. The works! I hadn't read any of those parts so hadn't spotted any of the mistakes. Complete C*** up was then completed by me copying and pasting then forgetting to change she to he on several girls reports in Lit!

    I have been on the edge of tears all day. HT wasn't in but I changed all of the highlighted errors on every childs report, printed off and TA and I read again and found more errors that had been missed. Edited again and printed off now (hopefully) accurate and correct reports. Letter was sent home today to all parents of my class saying sincere apologies for the error in reports. Amended versions out tomorrow.
    Feeling like ****. Gave the HT new copies at 7.30 tonight.

    I know it's a learning curve in NQT year but that was one hell of a steep one!
  2. Oh you poor thing! I took over from someone last year at Easter and the same thing had been done. Fortunately I happened to curiously look at what she'd written and was horrified! It took me the best part of a week to re-word and correct all 20 reports as well as then adding my bits to them all. Not fun at all!
    However, I will say, THIS year, writing them all from scratch has been an absolute pain in the bum!
    Never mind, it's over now. What's done is done. Also, the parents all know that you've only just taken over, and the head is going to understand. Don't worry. Only four days to go. ;-)
  3. Doesn't your head check and sign all reports?
    Consider it a lesson learnt - you won't send them out again without proof reading. Then forget about it - lif'e's too short!
  4. This is the fault of your HT - they should have proof read the reports before they went out. Don't stress it - all will be forgotten in a couple of days.
  5. Yes she did have them. She read them, wrote her comments on them and gave them back. In fact 4 that she gave back she had highlighted errors, which i corrected and gave back again. One of those reports was the child's who parent had got the highlighter pen out to it.

    I think that may be why she was very nice about it... she said we are only human and all make mistakes..it's how we deal with the issue which is important.
    Think my mistake was probably that I didn't ask the TA to proof read (which i found out today was the norm for everyone else in the school).
    Next time i will read every single word. again and again and again!
  6. Eugh! such a long day...
    * the child whose parent had
  7. Our rule is that every letter or report that goes out should be passed through at least three pairs of eyes before. I agree that the HT should have taken greater care when proof reading as well as the teachers concerned.
  8. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    You do know that this is one of those events that make you want to cry all day at the time, but that in five years time you will laugh about. You really truly will. You will even post it on here in a light-hearted way to reassure other NQTs in the same boat.

    I find it truly amazing that your HT didn't proof read the reports properly. I just copied and pasted bits written by my year team partner and he did for bits from me. We both got reports back from the HT with mistakes in each other's parts that we'd not noticed. It isn't your job to proof read, so don't stress.
  9. ...but then how were you to know that the TA could/would proof-read for you if noone told you? It certainly would not be expected in my school and my TA would definitely be most indignant! That's the fun of being an NQT - all those little things that people just take for granted because they don't realise things are different elsewhere. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you

  10. Thank you all... had a glas of vino and read through the confessions thread. Feeling much better already. [​IMG]


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