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Replacement for WJEC entry level Food Studies-What is happening?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jancrabtree, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. I am quite new to Food Studies and have inherited the WJEC entry level Food Studies course at a special needs school. It is fine but soon to disappear and my line manager wants me to find a replacement. I have got all the details for Jamie's home cooking but this is Foundation level and my line manager says this is too advanced for our pupils. Any one any other suggestions as I do not think we can cope with Hospitality and Catering-we just want learning basic food and cooking meals skills.
  2. Our school is just starting to offer this course from September. When/where did you hear that it was "soon to disappear"?.... how soon?! You've got me worried now!!!
  3. From the WJEC website for Entry Level Food:
    <h2>"This qualification will be discontinued in July 2012. Further information about replacement qualifications is available here."</h2>http://www.wjec.co.uk/index.php?subject=55&level=6
    There is a link on the site to how it is all changing.
  4. The Entry level food is still being offered but under a new format and it is now called pathways. You can choose units t make up a qualification and can therefore choose the practical food ones which are very similar to the old ones. Hope this helps
  5. AQA have a suite of Entry Level courses which includes Food Technology.
    I've been looking at them as I have a very mixed Product Design bunch next year some of which will not cope with full blown GCSE. The Entry Level stuff claims that it can be delivered alongside the GCSE course.
    Link here http://web.aqa.org.uk/qual/elc/index.php
  6. I posted the original question a while back and am so pleased to see some responses-thanks!
    My problem is finding time to sort it all out-but I will look at the AQA site and try to look into 'pathways' on WJEB-they certainly do not make it easy to navigate or understand do they??
    My line manager is asking me to look at City and Guilds as we already do that at our school but others tell me it is very 'paper heavy' board and our pupils are turned off by too much writing-any one any experience of this??
  7. It's reassuring to find others in the same boat! I'm hoping to use some of my gained time after my GCSE students go on study leave to research this more thoroughly.
    The AQA Food Tech course does look quite good- certainly easier to identify exactly what is expected than the WJEC Pathways... which is a bit of a shame as all our GCSE classes are Hospitality and Catering, and I didn't really intend going back to Food Tech (or another exam board).
    Hopefully, once we're all up and running we can share resources on here?!

  8. Have you looked at the City and Guilds or ASDAN courses for this level of student. I use to teach one some years ago and it was very popular and students recieved a certificate at the end. Do look into it or contact C&G.

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