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Repeating School Experience dilemma

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by barneystinson, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. barneystinson

    barneystinson New commenter

    Unfortunately depending on what part of the country you are, it can be very difficult to find a school for all the trainees. When I started my PGCE last year a lot of students on my course didn't have a placement when the school experienced started, and many had to start 3/4 weeks later.
    If there are no schools available then there's not much that can be done. As the previous poster has already pointed out, new trainees are the main priority, not those who have to repeat a placement.
    Depending on the situation, special consideration can be given to trainees who fall slightly short of the "number of school days experience" quota.
  2. As stated, placements are difficult to find. The main problem is there is no obligation for a school to take any trainees, even if they have a partnership agreement in place and have done so regularly in the past. Any reason - staffing, timetabling, Ofsted, reorganisation etc - can be advanced to turn down, or even to change their mind at the last minute.
    So it's tough enough to place all the current students in schools, and a re-sit placement brings additional needs and problems. Not all schools want to or are able to take re-sits, and from the uni's point of view it must be the right kind of setting with right amount of support and preferably in a school that is used to supporting re-sit placement.
    The only thing you can do is to keep in close contact with your tutor and your placement office and keep asking for updates. Presumably you are paying for your re-sit so it's your entitlement to get a suitable placement. But just remember that your uni has a very difficult job to do. You may not get a placement finished in time for a January start - uni's commitment is usaully to offer a re-sit by the end of the academic year. Their promise was no doubt made in good faith, but the reality of the situation must be faced.
  3. Empress27

    Empress27 New commenter

    This sounds EXACTLY what I am experiencing. I was told I would be able to have my placement resit at the Autumn Term for eight weeks, and I had been emailing the partnership office to see what was happening, only to be told, 'oh, it's too late now, you will have to wait for Spring or Summer terms.' I am disgusted also. I don't think I will be able to finish my course until this year is over. An extra year wasted in not having a teaching job. If you want someone to talk to who knows what it is feeling like, message me :)
  4. I can see how frustrating all this is, but often the issue of placements is not in the control of the university. They are often between a vrock and a hard place.
    If they prioritise returners over new trainees, then justificably the new trainee will cry foul as they may have to have their course suspended before they even start.
    Schools also are in conmtrol of placements and do not have to offer a placement. Some schools also specify no returners or no studnets who have 'failed' a placement or they specify the gender, the subject etc. Universities hav NO rights to challenge such things and we cannot force schools to take trainees.
    It is frustrating, but you should be kept informed about what is happening.

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