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Discussion in 'Personal' started by dande, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. dande

    dande New commenter

    Anybody got any idea how much it might cost to move about 150 miles? The last time we moved it was only about 10 miles and needed a 7.5 ton wagon. We will need the same again, but the distance is greater.
  2. dande

    dande New commenter

    Anybody got any idea how much it might cost to move about 150 miles? The last time we moved it was only about 10 miles and needed a 7.5 ton wagon. We will need the same again, but the distance is greater.
  3. moonpenny

    moonpenny Occasional commenter

    Hi Dande,
    When I moved 6 years ago - (from Sheffield to London) I got rid of loads of stuff and didn't need a huge removal van ,just a large van for about 3 rooms of furniture, I had quotes which varied from 650 to 1000+ so I would advise you to get as many quotes as you can - maybe use a local firm - that's what I did.
  4. My advice is to get 3 quotes from local firms. Avoid the 'big boys' like Pickfords, Robinsons and Whites as they are very expensive for local moves.
  5. I am moving over 2 days (which has added about £150 + VAT to the cost) and having my fragile stuff packed for me and it is coming in at about £1100 for an average 3 bed semi. Having said that I do live in an expensive part of the country. I would definitely shop around (I saved just under £200 + VAT).
  6. dande

    dande New commenter

    I am already in the process of getting quotes from various companies. I moved about 6 months ago but this was not too far and it cost about £350. The only difference this time is the distance. I asked the same company and he quoted £900 (although originally this was £1000).
    That seems quite good to me based on what you have said you are havinng done. I am doing all my own packing, it's a straight one day job and we are not in an expensive part of the country. This makes the original quote seem quite high!
  7. I'm moving (with a medium-sized lorry) about 150 miles, and the quotes I've had are around the £800 mark. Though I've got a v heavy piano, which is going to require a bit more man-power! As others have said, try the local firms, who I've found to be helpful and cheaper.
  8. dande

    dande New commenter

    I've had quotes from two. One is coming in at £900 and the other said he would need two days and it would therefore be £1400!!!
    I honestly thought maybe £700 so am somewhat surprised by what they are coming out with.
  9. fuel costs maybe be a contributing factor - prices are up from 6 months ago, I bet it makes a difference to these companies.
  10. dande

    dande New commenter

    Without having the exact figures I'm not sure if fuel costs have gone up that much in this time. I would say petrol has stayed about the same, although cannot comment specifically on diesel.
  11. I would have thought that the major element of the cost is employing 3-4 blokes for the day. The difference in cost between moving you 50 miles and 150 miles is actaully quite small imo, because:
    a) the lorry and crew are tied up for the day - if you were moving only 50 miles (or 5 miles for that matter) they can't use the lorry/crew for another move that day.
    b) the cost of the extra diesel would be about £80 max.
    So don't be conned re mileage/diesel costs. And, unless you have absolute masses of stuff, there should be no need for 2 days. Mrs h and I are both 'hoarders' and despite pre-removal clear-outs we have always moved easily in one day.
  12. We moved recently. We had <u>loads</u> of stuff and didn't have time to pack it up so the men did it all for us. It cost us 1100 cash but we moved less than 10 miles.
  13. dande

    dande New commenter

    Last time they used just 2. So this adds to the time for loading/unloading.
    Exactly what I was thinking. I assummed a cost of about &pound;1 per mile to cover extras such as time/distance/dielsel. Seems like they are thinking more in terms of &pound;2! (on top of a basic move price).
    As for two days, this is impractical for us as we have a littlle one and they need their stuff!
  14. I'd advise shopping around for as many quotes as possible - including any local 'man with van' type adverts you can find in the local paper. My parents are down-sizing and moving a mile down the road and they were quoted &pound;450 for a job that will require 2 men and take about 4 hours max! A local man with van moved someone from Birmingham to Wigan in the same time for &pound;120, and moved a van full of some very large furniture a couple of miles for me for &pound;40. I think some folk deliberately over-price jobs that they don't really want to do.
  15. I actually asked to move over two days so that I have time to get everything out of the house and make sure it is all clean ready for my purchasers. I have moved several times and had difficulty as people have not moved out at the appointed time, leaving me to move in late afternoon/early evening. This way I know it will all be done. I am moving about 25 miles. I know that a friend who recently moved about 5 miles tops, with part packing and only on one day, paid about £800, so I am actually very happy with what I am paying.
  16. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    I can imagine that if you're moving a fair distance with a heavy piano, that's when a national firm may work better. Our piano apparently requires a minimum of 4 to shift it, and when they decided they'd have to go via the back garden, they upped that to 5. If you use a national company, they can send the extras from the local depot. Likewise, my parents had a move where the lorry couldn't get near the house, and a smaller van had to ferry stuff up the drive. Again, extra men could be allocated at that end of the move fairly easily, to speed things up.
    (Are there removal women? I've never met one...)


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