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Remote learning, how are you structuring it

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Boardingmaster, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. Boardingmaster

    Boardingmaster New commenter

    Just curious about how different schools and maths teachers in particular are structuring their remote learning in the current circumstances. Am sure there is a lot of experimentation going on so curious to hear what others have found.

    Personally I am recording a 5-10 minute clip of teaching (recording sound over me writing on an ipad), uploading it to a shared drive the pupils can access, and setting them a worksheet based on that lesson. I then use zoom to go live for the second half of any timetabled lesson where pupils can ask me questions about the work and I answer them (I project my ipad over zoom so that I can write and talk at the same time). I am trying to decide whether to scrap the video element and just live teach over zoom.

    Would love to hear what you are all doing

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  2. lunarita

    lunarita Senior commenter


    I had hoped to be able to do the video thing but our students have been very good at turning up every day online for their regular timetabled lessons (never all of them, but often well over half of them), so at the moment that's how we're doing it - all live. Usually about half way through when I've shown them how to do something I say that if they want to they can go offine and complete exercises themselves in their own time or they can stay online with me to do them - and pretty much all of them choose to stay online.

    It's probably important and reassuring for them to have that contact with teacher and with each other, so I'm holding off pushing them to more independent work.

    We're only a week in - we might settle into this and find it easier, we might find it harder as time goes on.

    All unchartered territory. And actually, being with them forces me to be calm and positive about things so it's probably good for me as well.
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  3. adenolu01

    adenolu01 New commenter

    no idea yet
  4. adenolu01

    adenolu01 New commenter

    because of the situation NOT sure learners are well positioned to take on one;ine studies as daily record of Covid19 is not helping but discouraging

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