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Remind me about Food Tech

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jack2006, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Ok, so I've been out of secondary teaching for about six years (working a bit in private school over that time but obviously very different).

    Tell me everything I've missed since then! I can hear you all laughing[​IMG]
    ok here are some of my questions then
    What is Licence to Cook? is this in every school?
    What 'healthy' guidelines are the current vogue? (i'm still on eating pyramid/plate/five a day etc)
    I have to teach a year seven class any suggestions for starters?
  2. Prawn cocktail? :)
  3. We dont do licence to cook.
    Balance plate used not pyramids in our school.
    Is it for an interview lesson with year 7?? i teach lots of year 7 food xx
  4. janharper

    janharper Occasional commenter

    Licence to Cook was Government funded, and has stopped. The recipes, powerpoints and videos can still be found.
    The Balance of Good Health Plate was replaced by The Eat Well Plate a few years ago.
    5 a Day message and Change4Life are also worth looking at.
    The Healthy Eating Pyramid is American.
    Lots of resources re all of these here in the TES Resources. Also try a google search.

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